5 Best Fitness Trackers for Swimming and Walking In 2020

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Best Fitness Tracker for Swimming and Walking ReviewsLiving a healthy life doesn’t only rely on a diet; you need to workout to live an active, healthy life. While doing so, it’s crucial that you monitor your fitness progress all day long using a fitness tracker.

With that in mind, you need to know that finding the best fitness tracker for swimming and walking isn’t a walk in the pack and I believe that’s why you’re reading this.

The market today presents lots and lots of models and brands that can confuse you a lot and you end up buying a worthless product. It is for that reason that I have gathered the information below to ensure that your searching process is straight forward and flawless.

Use the review below and the buyer’s guide that follows to make sure the fitness tracker you pick meets all your needs.

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5 Best Fitness Tracker for Swimming and Walking for 2020

Brand & NameColorsGPSScreen SizeMultiple Sports TrackingPrice
LETSCOM Smart Watch6Yes0.96 inch14Check Price
Willful Fitness Tracker6Yes0.96 inch14Check Price
Lintelek Heart Monitor6Yes0.96 inch14Check Price
Letsfit Fitness Tracker8Yes0.96 inch14Check Price
Garmin Smartwatch1Yes28.6 x 20.7 mmMultipleCheck Price

1. LETSCOM Smart Watch – for Kids Women and Men

Are searching for a fitness tracker that you can use for swimming and walking, then the LETSCOM IP68 Waterproof Fitness Tracker is an ideal product for you.LETSCOM Smart Watch - for Kids Women and Men

The LETSCOM Fitness Tracker is a heart rate monitor, step counter, Pedometer, sleep monitor smartwatch ideal for kids, women, and men. Furthermore, use sedentary reminder and keep yourself on the right path to reaching your fitness goals.

The tracker is rated IP68 waterproof allowing you to track your fitness while swimming, showering and up to 3 meters diving. The bright and clear 0.96-inch color screen is easy to read, operate and comes with date and time.

The display also has adjustable screen brightness with levels between 1 and 5 to match your needs. Additionally, you can use this tracker to receive calls or read message notifications.


  • Multi-sport tracking (with connected GPS)
  • All-Day Performance Monitoring
  • 24/7 Heart Rate Monitoring
  • Sleep Quality Tracking
  • Rated IP68 waterproof
  • Movement reminders


  • Glitches in the steps count
  • No instruction manual is provided

2. Willful Fitness Tracker – Tracker (14 Modes)

The Willful Fitness Tracker is a heart rate monitor, activity tracker with 14 modes, a pedometer with step counter, and sleep monitor. That means with this device you can accurately track your walking steps, track the distance traveled and calories burned when you workout so that you can live a healthy life.Willful Fitness Tracker – Tracker (14 Modes)

The willful fitness tracker is rated IP68 waterproof meaning it’s safe and useful to track your activities when swimming and also to shower.

The heart rate monitor and the sleep monitor use the latest HR sensor for an accurate and active heart rate monitoring and accurately detecting your sleep during the 9 pm to 8 pm while analyzing your sleep quality –awake time, light sleep, and deep sleep.

You will also love to hear that it has a silent vibrating alarm that can wake you up without disturbing others. Use the 0.96-inch LCD color screen which has excellent HD image quality to ensure you never miss any call or notification including WhatsApp.


  • Newest .96” HD Color Screen
  • 24/7 continuous heart rate monitor
  • Automatic sleep monitor
  • Remote Camera Control
  • Support 14 sports modes
  • Connect phone’s GPS
  • IP68 waterproof


  • Takes time to charge
  • Doesn’t include exchangeable wristbands

3. Lintelek Heart Monitor – Men, Women & Kids

If you are looking for the best fitness tracker for swimming and walking, then you got to try the Lintelek Fitness Tracker. The tracker can be used to monitor your heart rate, sleep, steps, calories burned, and even the distance walked/run.Lintelek Heart Monitor – 14 Sports Modes Men, Women & Kids

Use its pedometer and its 14 Sports Modes to track your all-day step counter and capture more precise data. The unit also comes with a color screen which features adjustable screen brightness for more convenience.

The model is IP68 waterproof meaning you can wear it while swimming or while showing without worries. It comes with an inbuilt USB design which makes it easy when charging or transferring data. The multi-function new smart wristband on this unit allows it to be used by kids, women, and men comfortably.


  • Monitors multiple fitness tracking
  • Sleep and Heart Rate Monitor
  • Easy Remove and Install
  • Call and Message Alert
  • Syncs to your devices
  • USB charging


  • Some steps are off
  • Issues with reset information

4. Letsfit Fitness Tracker – Watch for Kids Women Men

Live a healthy life by making the Letsfit fitness tracker your companion when sleeping, swimming, running, walking or when engaging in any workout activity.Letsfit Fitness Tracker – Watch for Kids Women Men

The model is great at heart rate monitoring all day automatically and continuously. It comes with a smart design that makes it IP68 waterproof allowing you to wear when showering, swimming and diving up to 3 meters deep.

Connects with smartphone GPS to let you see your real-time route and pace. The auto sleep tracking function automatically tracks your sleeping. All you need is to bind the device with your smartphone, and it’ll tell you the deep/light/awake sleep of your former day.

With this smart fitness tracking watch, you can view caller ID, receive/hang-up calls, check emails, social network notifications and read text messages right on your wrist.


  • Smart waterproof design
  • Heart Rate Monitoring
  • Daily Fitness Tracking
  • Broad Compatibility
  • Sleep Tracking


  • Not compatible with all devices

5. Garmin Smartwatch – Best Fitness Tracker Ever

Want to play harder, workout smart, and live a better life, then you got to try the Garmin Vivoactive White fitness tracker for swimming and to walk. The watch comes with inbuilt sports apps to keep you active and also keep your life in balance.Garmin Smartwatch – Best Fitness Tracker Ever

The fitness tracker features a high-resolution, color touch screen that stays readable even in direct sunlight and when swimming is allowing you to view your fitness stats when you’re working out.

Additionally, this device comes with an ultra-thin profile is comfortable to wear the whole day and while sleeping. It features alarm vibration that is entirely silent to ensure that it doesn’t disturb others while remaining active.

It’s rechargeable battery can last you through all your workout activities. You can customize the device with free watch face designs, apps and widgets from the Garmin Connect store to match your preference.


  • High-resolution color touchscreen
  • Built-in GPS-enabled tracking apps
  • Accurate distance tracking
  • Good heart rate monitor
  • Easy-to-read display
  • Long battery life


  • Limited coaching elements
  • No onboard music storage

Fitness Tracker for Swimming and Walking Buyer’s Guide

With the list above, getting a great model is a step closer. And to get the right model you will need to consider some factors which will reduce this list into a single model. Use the elements to make sure that the model you pick isn’t a waste of your money.


The first thing that you need to always keep in mind while going for shopping is planning your budget. That way you will have a plan of the amount you want to invest. The fitness tracker is available at different prices depending on the quality and brand. Remember that you get what you buy, so spend wisely.

Built-In Features

For you to get the best fitness tracker for swimming and walking it’s vital to ensure all the necessary features required in a fitness tracking device are present. Those include the heart rate monitor, and calories burned monitor, step counter, Pedometer, sleep monitor, to name a few. Equipment with all this will ensure that you live a balanced active life.


A fitness tracker is something that you’ll be wearing almost all the time, which means you may wear it when you’re in the job. That is why the design should match your personality and the dressing code required. If formal, go with a formal model and if official, go with a suitable choice.

Additionally, check to see if the wristband is comfortable enough for you. Make sure you don’t strain in any way when wearing it.


And because you will be swimming with your watch, be rained on, wash your hands or even take a shower while wearing it for continuous tracking, then you need to make sure that it’s waterproof and not water-resistant. Check to see that it’s rated at least IP68 and above and how long you can dive with it.


Walking and running require that you track your steps as well as the distance covered. Additionally, sometime you will need directions back home. It’s therefore essential that your fitness tracker for swimming and walking has a GPS or is compatible with your smartphone GPS.

Smart Notification

When you’re working out, it can be hard or even impossible to take out your phone to read messages, receive calls or also hang-up calls. Going for a model with smart notification will allow you to receive a call, hang up calls and read messages while still working out. I recommend you go for a model that has this feature for a more convenient fitness tracking.

Battery life

Fitness tracking requires that your tracker works efficiently and continuously. It’s therefore crucial you ensure the battery life of your device can work all day long without shutdown. That is by providing the battery life of your unit is excellent. Go for a model that takes less charging time yet its battery charge lasts for days.


How long should my fitness tracker battery last?

With a standard usage, the battery should last about five days and its charging time can take one-three hours for it to be fully charged.

How often should I sync my fitness tracker?

A standard fitness tracker can store up to 3 days worth of data, but I suggest you sync your band each day to ensure your data is safe and accurate.


Believing that you have already found a model that suits you best, it’s time you now start living your life to the fullest. If you’ve not found your best model, you then need to go through the review again and see what you omitted. Proper maintenance of your device will see it service you to the fullest.

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