6 Best Electric Pool Heat Pumps (Reviewed in 2020)

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Best-Electric-Pool-Heat-PumpsThe number of people who love swimming is large and for some swimming gives them the best feeling in the world. Many of them including me, love having swimming in the backyard, where I can go for a quick dip or a long swim any time I want, without the hassle of going to a local pool.

If you’re like me, then you know the problems you face when you go swimming during the cold days. You need to your swimming pool any time of the day, after all, you invested a lot of money in it, and it makes no sense to use it only some months in the year.

Getting the best electric pool heat pump can solve all those problems and here is a comprehensive guide on how to pick the best. The article also contains a list of the top best electric heat pump you will come across. Use it to find the best and the perfect electric heat pump for your pool.

The Best Electric Pool Heat Pump for 2020

1. Hayward HP21404T – HeatPro Titanium Heat Pump

Hayward HP21404T HeatPro Titanium 140,000 BTU Heat Pump, SquareHayward HeatPro is a high-performance pool heat pump that comes in a square shape and with a heat capacity of 140,000 BTU. Many customers praise the heat pump for being a robust, reliable, durable and efficient model.

It uses titanium counter-flow heat exchanger which gives it the power to provide the uncompromising performance even under harshest conditions.

The model comes with a lightweight, a compact and easy-to-install design which makes it one of the best electric pool heat pump ideal for new pools/spa or an existing pool system upgrade.


  • Super-quiet scroll compressors
  • Injection-molded body panels
  • Acoustic compressor cover
  • Titanium heat exchanger
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Polyethylene screen
  • Profiled fan blade


  • Runs on electricity
  • Heavy and bulky

2. Hayward HP50HA HeatPro – Titanium Heat Pump

Hayward-HP50HA-HeatPro-Titanium-45,000-BTU-Heat-PumpHP50HA HeatPro is yet another well-performing pool heat pump from Hayward. The unit has a water heating capacity of 45,000 BTU and uses a heavy-duty titanium heat exchanger.

It’s a new model that is designed to heat both above and in-ground pool of around 13,000 gallons making it an economical heat pump that’s is right-sized for small above-ground and in-ground pools.

The device is equipped with new technological advancements that allow it to provide pool owners with the ideal pool water temperature and in an energy-efficient way.


  • Top Energy Efficient System
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Titanium heat exchanger
  • Quick disconnect piping
  • Flow Activation


  • Fairly heavy
  • Fairly loud

3. FibroPool FH055 – Swimming Pool Heater

FibroPool FH055 In Ground Swimming Pool HeaterAre you searching for the best electric pool heat pump that will help you extend your swimming pool season? If so then FibroPool FH055 is what you’re looking for.

It’s a pool pump heater that is designed to provide 55,000 BTU heating capacity and rated to heat up to 10,000-gallon in-ground pool.

The heat pump uses a Copeland high-pressure differential compressor together with a titanium heat exchanger thus maximizing energy efficiency. It is quick to have it installed, as it can take you less than 30 minutes.


  • Slim profile, weather-proof case
  • Digital display and controller
  • Top Energy Efficient System
  • Titanium heat exchanger
  • Quick disconnect piping


  • Quite bulky
  • Not UL listed

4. EcoSmart SMART POOL – Electric Tankless Pool Heater

EcoSmart Electric Heater - Tankless Pool Heater with Self Modulating TechnologyGive yourself an extended swimming season by getting the best electric pool heat pump, the EcoSmart Smart Pool heat pump. The device comes as an electric 27kW, 240 Volt, 112.5 Amps tankless pool heater which utilizes self-modulating technology.

It operates by using the latest flow sensor technology thus reducing the risks of burned elements while increasing its reliability and longevity. It also comes with a digital control which allows you to set the water temperature that you need. The unit is made from high-quality materials which provide it with the required durability.


  • Ecosmart Remote Control Compatible
  • Digital temperature controller
  • Self-modulating technology
  • Compact and easy to install
  • Flow Activation


  • Only suitable for small pools
  • Expensive to operate

5. Happybuy Electric Water Heater Pump

Happybuy-11KW-220V-Pool-Heater-Thermostat-Swimming-Pool-SPA-Hot-Tub-Electric-Water-Heater-Pump-Assistant-Digital-ThermostatEnjoy more with an extended swimming season by install Happybuy pool pump heater which is among the best electric pool heat pumps you will find today.

It uses a control system which keeps monitoring the units running status and quickly reacts and displays diagnostic messages so that you can respond faster and prevent any damage or malfunction.

The device uses an 11W thermostat to ensure it heats your pool, keeping it warm and killing algae. The heat pump also uses a flow-temperature sensor which is always under control of the software to accurately monitor the water temperature status and adjust the settings to maintain water temperature while protecting the heater from unexpected situations.


  • Constant temperature controller
  • Intelligent self-diagnose function
  • A manual reset control switch
  • Titanium heat exchanger
  • Aluminum-coated plate


  • Celsius only
  • Slightly expensive

6. Aquapro VIGOH77 – Heat-Cool Swimming Pool Heat Pump

Aquapro-VIGOH77-75,000-BTU-Heat-Cool-Swimming-Pool-Heat-PumpLastly, we got the Aquapro VIGOH77 pool heat pump. The heat pump provides a water heating capacity of 75,000 BTU and provides heat-cool operation.

It has earned its position on a list of best electric pool heat pumps by being designed for trouble-free, long-lasting performance.

The device will provide you with great heating in all climate, and it’s able to withstand whatever is thrown at it. It has a capability of heating 24,000-gallon pools and it ideal for both in-ground and above ground pools.


  • Long lasting, trouble-free performance
  • 5-year heat exchanger warranty
  • Digital temperature controls
  • Titanium heat exchanger
  • Self-diagnostic codes


  • Slightly expensive
  • Quite bulky

Best Electric Pool Heat Pump Buying Guide

As you can well tell by now, there are features, advantages, and cons that each model possesses which are different from the other product. It’s therefore advisable that you pick the best electric pool heat pump that will give the perfect results. Here I have given you some of the factors to consider to ensure the electric heat pump you pick meets all your needs.


The higher the electric heat pump efficiency, the better it’ll perform and the minimal operating costs it will incur. While it’s quite easy to overlook the heater’s operating expenses to save some bucks, electric pool heat pump operating costs can be significant over time. It’s therefore vital you make energy efficiency at as the number one must have when you’re making your purchasing decision.


An electric pool heater durability is yet another vital factor to consider. Mostly, electric pool heat pump, like those above, are made of high-quality materials which gives them better strength. I suggest you pick a model that is made from sturdy, rust-resistant and weather resistant materials. Also, make sure that the internal parts are protected from moisture.

Pool Size

Pool heater performance effectiveness will depend on the size of your pool and its rating while also determine the time it’ll take to heat your pool. For instance, a 10,000-gallon pool will heat up faster than a 30,000 gallon using the same pool heat pump. If you pick the right model size, then you will enjoy the short time it takes to heat your pool water.

Heating Element

Many electric pool heat pumps use an electrically heated heating element to heat the water when it is flowing over it. It is for that reason that you need to make sure your model of choice utilizes a quality and heavy-duty heating element. Most of the models in the above list use titanium heating element which is excellent at water heating and passes the test of life.

Control Panel

Many people do not remember to check the one thing that will allow them to quickly and conveniently operate the electric heat pump. The best electric pool heat pump needs a control panel where you can set your required temperature while also read the current water temperature. Additionally, the control panel will give you diagnostic information in case there is a problem or a malfunction. So, ensure that the heat pump you have decided to buy comes with an easy-to-operate controller.


An electric pool heat pump doesn’t cost much as compared to their gas operated counterparts. However, that doesn’t mean you can go purchasing blindly. You need to make sure you get the right model which will give you the water temperature you need to extend your swimming season.

I hope the above information has given you all you need to make a sound decision. So what are waiting for? Head to the market and buy your best electric pool heat pump and start enjoying a warm swim.

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