6 Best Diving Boards For Inground Pools [Reviewed] in 2020

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Best-Diving-Boards-For-Inground-Pools-ReviewsAs a pool diving enthusiast, you understand well the fun brought to buy a good diving board. Right? Are you planning of adding some fun to your inground swimming pool and you’re looking for a diving board?

Well, you’re in the right place. Pool diving boards are created to give you a jump in the air and give you some potential energy for a great dive. With the best diving boards for inground pools, the fun is upgraded.

However, getting the best diving board isn’t that simple. You get to face lots of options which make your selection a bit hard. Luckily, I’m here to help. With this article, you get to find out the top best models you can buy and also a buying guide to help you purchase the right model.

As I mentioned above, here are the top best diving boards for inground pools that you can buy in 2019 and get to enjoy years of safe diving fun.

6 Best Diving Boards For Inground Pools in 2020

1. S.R. Smith 66-209-268S2-1 – Fibre-Dive Diving Board

S.R.-Smith-66-209-268S2-1-Fibre-Dive-Replacement-Diving-BoardMy first best diving board for inground pools is the sturdy and durable S.R. Smith Fibre-Dive Replacement Diving Board. It’s a great dive replacement of the old and slippery diving board.

It’s designed to give your inground pool a new matching trend. It comes with two coated wood runner reinforced using fiberglass at its core to ensure it is super strong enough and durable.

That’s not all. The Fibre-Dive Diving Board is made from stainless steel, which isn’t only rustproof but also reliable. Its outer surface is covered with a vacuum-formed acrylic cover made from fiberglass and a resin roving for better flexibility. For a good feet grip while diving, the whole board is resin bonded and sanded nonslip surface.


  • Corrosion-resistant hardware
  • Pre-drilled installation holes
  • Exceeds size requirements
  • SureFoot non-slip tread
  • Maximum safety
  • Matching tread


  • A bit heavy
  • Slightly high on price

2. S.R. Smith 66-209-596S2 – Frontier III Diving Board

S.R.-Smith-66-209-596S2-Frontier-III-Replacement-Diving-BoardNext is another S.R. Smith Replacement Diving Board that you will love. The Frontier III Replacement Diving Board is a durable and sturdy board with a long-lasting acrylic outer surface.

It also has a non-slip surface that will allow you to enjoy diving without worrying about slip and fall. Fiberglass covering the board makes it super durable. And for easy and quick installation, it comes with two precise predrilled holes.

Besides that, the board’s hardware is made from stainless steel that even extends its lifetime. It’s a board that will allow you to enjoy the diving for years without showing any signs of wearing out. No top of that, it’s a high-strength board which can hold a grown-up weight and not breaks. It also comes with a useful diving instructions video to show you how to use it properly.


  • Fiberglass and resin protective coating
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • SureFoot non-slip tread
  • Skid Resistant Acrylic
  • Matching tread


  • Slightly narrow
  • Stiffer than advertised

3. Inter-Fab DB8WW – Replacement Diving Board

Inter-Fab-DB8WW-Diving-Board-Replacement-for-In-GroundNext is the Inter-Fab Diving Board Replacement which is among the bestselling board. It’s made from super thick and flexible Douglas fir coated wood central runners with a resin and fiberglass protective external coating for upgraded strength.

Its outer shell also comprises of long-lasting UV protected acrylic that has a non-slip sand stride surface for an added safety. The best part is, you don’t have to struggle to install this board. It comes with two pre-drilled holes and stainless hardware for firm installation.

It’s strong enough to handle around 250-pound weight limit, and it’s intended for light to moderate use on all inground swimming pools. Above all, it comes with a complete with instructions and a whole assembly and installation video.


  • Durable UV Protective Acrylic
  • Slip-resistant sand tread surface
  • Durable Non-Fading Surface
  • Fiberglass Reinforced
  • Superior strength


  • Not compatible with other bases or parts

4. S.R. Smith 68-210-73823 – Stand Diving Board

S.R. Smith 68-210-73823 Fibre Dive Diving BoardHere is another excellent, uniquely designed inground pools you can install and get to enjoy years of fun diving adventures. The S.R. Smith Flyte-Deck II Stand, one of the bestselling and stand combination, it a super flexible and robust diving board designed to give you all the happiness of diving and keeping your safeness the priority.

It comes with hand-laid fiberglass and a resin roving. That’s not all. The Flyte-Deck II Stand Diving Boards, like any other S.R. Smith boards, it comes with 2-predrilled holes which makes it install.

It supports up to 250 pounds, and it’s pretty flexible allowing you to swing it for a high and have a better dive. Its high-grade and slip-resistant tread makes it great and safe when you’re enjoying yourself.


  • Fade-and scratch-resistant acrylic
  • High-grade, slip-resistant tread
  • Dual Beam Laminated Core
  • Supports up to 250 pounds
  • Powder-coated steel base


  • Quite heavy
  • Require two or more people for installation

5. Inter-Fab DS6BW – Replacement Diving Board

Inter-Fab-DS6BW-Diving-Board-Replacement-for-In-Ground-PoolsThis is yet another excellent, high-quality Diving Board Replacement form Inter-Fab. The Duro-Spring DS6BW is a durable board made from 12-inch Douglas fir laminated wood core that has a fiberglass and resin protective outer coating which offers it superior strength.

Also, the outer shell comprises a durable UV protective acrylic with foot-friendly nonslip sand tread surface to provide added safety. Apart from having enough strength to handle up to 250 pounds weight, it’s also super flexible to create enough kinetic energy to give you enough energy to a safe dive.

It also comes with three pre-drilled holes for precise and easy installation and stainless steel hardware for long-lasting and robust mounting. You will also love to hear it comes with a clear, complete manual, compressive assembly, and installation video.


  • Durable Skid-Resistant Acrylic
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Fiberglass Reinforced
  • Superior Strength
  • Great launching


  • Not compatible with other bases or parts

6. S.R. Smith 66-209-578S2B – Truetread Diving Board

S.R. Smith 66-209-578S2B Truetread Diving BoardS.R. Smith Truetread Diving Board ends my list. It’s a high-quality, well-constructed diving board designed to make you feel special as you dive. With this diving board, you get to enjoy a reinvented board that comes with a unique sporty look design which makes diving more.

It’s designed to make diving for all people more fun, particularly for the kids. It’s made to go easy on your feet, and that is why S.R. Smith used long-lasting, marine-grade composite with small diamond shape to offer exceptional foot launching grip while also keeping your feet happy.

It’s ideal for kids or adults, and newbie or expert diver. It’s also UV resistant, meaning you can have it installed on your outdoor inground pool and not get affected or fade because of UV rays.


  • Withstands UV rays and salt exposure
  • Durable marine-grade composite
  • Firm diamond-shaped for a grip
  • A unique feet impact texture
  • Easy installation


  • Heavy than advertised
  • Not Ideal for most residential pools

Best Diving Boards For Inground Pools [Buying Guide]

Buying a diving board isn’t a walk in the park. You will be faced with lots of options that will give you challenges. When making your selection, you need to have some considerations to make the process simpler and straightforward. Here are some of these factors you need to consider.

Pool Size

Pool size is the most crucial and the first thing you need to consider. The pool depth determines if you will be buying a rigid board or a flexible one. If your pool is shallow, then you need the severe type as a flexible one can make you hit the pool floor as you dive. If it’s super deep, then buy a flexible one that allows you to go high and have a great dive.


While making your selection, you need to ensure that the board is made from high-quality, durable, and flexible materials. The board requires to be durable and flexible to be able to handle continuous flexing. Mostly, the high-end models come with a blend of fiberglass and wood, which give them all the necessary qualities. The base needs to be made from highly reliable and durable materials like stainless steel to provide an excellent foundation, while also staying resistant free.

Non-Slip Surface

Many diving boards feature a coating like acrylic. If the surface has a smooth finish, then that means there can be a deadly slippery which is lethal while diving. That is while the diving board surfaces are coated with a significant amount of traction. However, not many people love the feeling of a high level of traction beneath their feet. What you need to know is, the more textures the board is, the safer it will be while diving.


A strong spring is designed to give you an extra amount of bouncing force, which brings more fun to diving. But, that requires deep and large pools that can accommodate the extra height. Not all boards come with spring, in case you need a board that can take you high then by one with a spring.

Weight Limit

Do not forget to check the weight limit of your board before buying. Anticipate the most substantial person who might use it once you install it and use the data to select the ideal one. It needs to accommodate tall and heavy adults, and that’s why most diving board are rated 250 pounds, which incorporate a vast number of people.


Diving boards are of three types, namely diving platform, jump boards, and diving boards. The platforms are robust board platforms placed a lot higher up and not ideal for many domestic pools, or shallow pools. The jump boards, on the other hand, are much more fun and can get you high in the air, which makes them also not ideal for residential use. Lastly, we have diving boards, which are stiffer and offer a significant amount of fun, and they are suitable for almost all pools.

Board Size

Board size affects the distance that the board will have to provide a safer diving distance inside the pool, and the amount of potential energy it will give you as you jump. Mostly they come in sizes of 6-feet and 8-feet. The longer the board, the higher the potential energy and therefore, the deeper you will go while also better you will be safe from the pool edges.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What differentiates a diving board from a jump board?

The big difference is the amount of flexibility they both possess and how high in the air you will go before diving. With the jump board, you get to go much higher thus requiring you to have a deeper pool, and it’s vice versa with the diving board.

How much space is needed to install a diving board?

Not much since a big part of the board hangs over the pool. You need enough space for the base and enough area for the diver to climb the board.


It’s much simpler to enjoy from a diving board than even thinking of how to buy. A diving board is a thing that carries your safety while you dive. You need to make sure you get a reliable, heavy-duty, high-quality, flexible, and durable piece. Less than that is a waste and a risk. Good Luck!

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