6 Best Chlorine Generators for Inground Pool (Reviews) 2020

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Best Chlorine Generators for Inground PoolsToday, lots of pool owners are adapting to the saltwater swimming pools by installing a chlorine generator. Salt chlorine generators have proven to many to be beneficial when it comes it pool maintenance and the swimmers’ safety.

They lower the maintenance costs, prevent algae and chloramines build-up, and also reduce the skin and eye irritation. The benefits, however, have led to the production of thousands of these salt chlorine generators. That has created a market situation where buyers spend a lot of time searching for the ideal unit to buy.

Fortunately, I understand the hassle, and I’ve decided to offer some help. Here I have given you a guide with the top best models and some aspects to consider as you search for your best chlorine generator for inground pool.

Top 6 Best Chlorine Generator for Inground Pool (2020)

Here is a list of the top best chlorine generators ideal for your inground pool. Pick one, buy, and expect the best results.

1. Solaxx Saltron Retro CLG10A Chlorine Generator

Solaxx CLG10A Saltron Retro Self Cleaning Salt Chlorine GeneratorMy list starter is the Solaxx Saltron Retro Chlorine generator. It’s a powerful self-cleaning salt chlorine generator featuring a built-in timer. The unit is designed to be useful to both the above and inground swimming pool of up to 20,000 gallons.

As a self-contained purification system, this DIY Chlorine generator does utilize the natural pure chlorine generation process. The best part is, its electrolytic process requires deficient salt concentration to generate free chlorine. On top of that, its results are instant, thus helping you keep a consistent flow.

The unit relies on commercial-grade titanium cell plates which are coated with precious metals. The normal reverse polarity helps keep the cell clean not to scale.


  • Require very low salt concentration
  • Robust Commercial-grade salt cell
  • Programmable digital timer
  • Instant chlorine generation
  • Self-contained purification
  • Easy Installation


  • Require some electrical work
  • Not suitable for pools with soft interior

2. Circupool SJ-40 Salt Water Pool Chlorine Generator

Circupool SJ 40 Salt Water Pool Chlorine GeneratorNext is the Circupool SJ-40, which is a robust saltwater chlorine generator that eliminates the need to buy or handle chlorine. It’s also an easy-to-use and economical choice that works automatically with the pool pump to maintain crystal clear pool water.

The model also provides a luxurious natural swimming experience by eliminating dry skin, red eyes, and harsh chemical effects. And you know what, this system does also offers reliable saltwater chlorination by using the low salinity level and its user-friendly controls.

Besides that, the unit uses Circupool’s advanced technology to consume a little amount of natural salt. The technology also ensures the system provides a continuous flow of the pool sanitizer freely every day.


  • Luxurious, Natural Swimming Experience
  • Ultimate simplicity and convenience
  • Durable USA Titanium salt cell
  • Low-maintenance design
  • Easy DIY installation
  • Simple controls
  • Easy to use


  • High on the price

3. BLUE WORKS BLH40 Pool Chlorine Generator Chlorinator 

BLUE WORKS BLH40 Pool Chlorine Generator ChlorinatorBlue Works Chlorine generator is my next best model for you. It comes as a saltwater chlorinator designed for 40,000-gallon pools. It does with the current pool pump and filtration system to provide a safe supply of chlorine sanitizer.

It also does an excellent job of reducing skin irritation and red eyes. Installing this BLH40 is a simple DIY process and takes a few minutes. It’s an excellent replacement system for the Hayward Aquarite AquaLogic, Aqua Pro, Mineral Springs, and SwimPure Systems.

The unit uses the durable high-power USA-made Titanium cell blades to provide a continuous supply of chlorine. It does also comes with high or low salt and temperature indicators to help you protect the unit.


  • Effortlessly Pool Sanitization
  • Robust Titanium cell blades
  • Adjustable chlorine output
  • Flow Switch and Salt Cell
  • Hassle-Free Installation
  • Self-cleaning salt cell


  • Doesn’t work well with variable speed pumps

4. BLUE WORKS BLSC Chlorine Generator System

BLUE WORKS Salt Water Pool Chlorine Generator System BLSC ChlorinatorHere is another trustworthy Blue Works Chlorine Generator you can buy, the BLSC40. It’s a robust unit that works with the current pool pump and filtration system to provide an ideal and safe supply of chlorine.

By using this chlorine generator in your pool, you get to enjoy easy pool maintenance with no harsh chemicals that cause red eyes and skin irritation.

The unit is designed to be a compatible replacement system for the Mineral Springs MS10/MS11, ProLogic systems, Hayward H-40, SwimPure with controls, AquaPlus, AquaRite XL, Goldline Controls AquaRite, AquaRite Pro, and AquaLogic. Its robust titanium cell blades ensure you get a continuous flow of chlorine with minimal salt usage.


  • Salt and temperature indicators
  • Durable Titanium cell blades
  • Self-cleaning salt cell
  • Free Flow Switch


  • Some electrical work required

5. NeXa Chlor Pool Salt Chlorine Generator

NeXa Chlor 12500 Gallon Pool Salt Chlorine GeneratorMy next model is the robust and reliable Nexa Chlor Salt Chlorine Generator. It uses the natural way to sanitize your swimming pool and spa water without leaving any chlorine odor. The unit utilizes a small amount of salt to provide a safe continuous flow of chlorine at moderate chemistry levels.

That helps keep your eyes clear and also helps prevent dry skin and blonde/dyed hair. I also loved the fact that this chlorine generator comes with engineered protection. It guards it against high and low mineral or temperature levels. And the best of all, this unit works on low mineral levels and require simple DIY installation.


  • Earth-friendly and energy efficient
  • Simple plug and play connection
  • Low mineral concentration
  • Engineered protection
  • Pool Timer Included
  • Installs in minutes


  • None

6. AutoPilot Pilot Digital NANO DN2 Salt Chlorine Generator

AutoPilot DN2 Salt Chlorine GeneratorThe Pool Pilot Digital Nano from AutoPilot ends the list. It’s simple to install and use a chlorine generator designed to make your pool sanitization easy and effective. It does come with microprocessor controls featuring a convenient digital read-out telling you the current salt level, water temperature, the purifier production level, and much more.

On top of that, it also tells you the amount of salt you need to add when it runs low. The read-out also displays in English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, and Czech. The unit is ideal for maintaining swimming pools up to 28,000 gallows. Installing this chlorine generator requires the DIY process and takes minutes of your precious time.


  • Automatic cover connection capability
  • Patented temperature compensation
  • Easy installation and service
  • Patented bypass manifold
  • Soft reverse cell cleaning
  • Push-button controls


  • Recommended for small spas
  • No automatic shutoff feature

Best Chlorine Generator for Inground Pool: Buying Guide

As you might have noticed, different chlorine generators are different in some way. Some models are indeed better than others and at the same time or well suited for some swimming pools. So, the big question is, what the best chlorine generator is for your inground pool? For you to answer that question, you’ll have to consider the following aspects.

Size of your pool

Different chlorine generators are designed to work effectively on a particular pool capacity. That’s why you must understand how much water your swimming pool holds. That will help you pick a model that’s a perfect fit for its size. Also remember, a large swimming pool needs more chlorine than a small one, so check on the production flow too.


The next thing to consider is installation. The process needs to be comfortable and straightforward. While at it, look at the device installation and also the electrical connectivity. Some units will require some electrical work to be done while others are plug and play. Pick a model that you know you can connect yourself, or end up hiring a professional.

Also, check if it fits in your pool’s plumbing. If you’re not planning to redo the pool pump plumbing, you might want to ensure your chlorine generator provides your existing plumbing. Check for these details on the product specs.

Construction Quality

Durability is something you cannot forget to check. The material used and the construction will tell you how well the unit can last. The crafting needs to feature rust-resistant materials, and the salt cell plates need to be durable enough. You do not want to invest in something that crashes after two months of use.

Additional features

Different brands have different features of their offer with their chlorine generator to make your life better. One of those features is the reverse polarity, which allows the cell to clean itself after the cells become coated. The polarity allows one-direction to produce the chlorine while the opposite direction to clean the cell plates. Also, check on protection against the low and high salt levels and temperature.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are saltwater pools chlorine-free?

No, they aren’t free of chlorine. A chlorine generator pool turns table salt to chlorine with the amount generated kept minimal so that it stays gentle on the eyes and skin.

Do I need to buy a particular salt type for the chlorine generator?

No! All you need is the regular, non-iodized salt, commonly termed as table salt.

Will my electricity consumption increase when I install a chlorine generator?

Yes. A chlorine generator, an electrical device, uses low electrical current to produce chlorine. Compared to the price and amount of chlorine you can use in your pool, the bill incurred by the chlorine generator is merely noticeable.


Using the best chlorine generator for an inground pool is one of the many ways you can keep your swimming pool crystal clear. The system makes the water clean, feels good on the skin, and prevent red eyes and hair drying. If you want to give it a try, use the above guide to find the right model for your swimming pool and get to enjoy the benefits. Good Luck!

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