6 Best Cantilever Pool Umbrellas (Reviews) in 2020

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Best Cantilever Pool UmbrellasSummer days are all about getting some ideal protection from the scorching heat from the sun, and a standard pool shade might not be perfect. Again, the sun changes its position with time, and you will need to pick the shade and adjust its location manually. That can be cumbersome. However, getting a cantilever pool umbrella can help you leave your dream of staying under a cooling shade while near the water.

Cantilever pool umbrellas are proven to be great at providing versatile shade. The umbrellas also look stylish and elegant and come in different sizes. On top of that, they have a unique operating mechanism and angle adjustability. Their lever operating system is also smooth.

So where do I find the best cantilever pool umbrella to buy? That is a question that’s giving headaches to lots of buyers. Luckily, I’m here to help. How? I will provide you with the top best models you can buy and a buying guide to help pick one model that meets all your needs. Let’s get to it!

Top 6 Best Cantilever Pool Umbrella in 2020

Here are the top best cantilever pool umbrella models available in the market today.

1. Abba Patio Offset Cantilever Hanging Umbrella

Abba Patio Offset Cantilever Hanging UmbrellaMy first best cantilever pool umbrella position goes to the highly-rated, top-quality and high-performance Abba Patio Offset Cantilever umbrella. It’s a unique model that offers ideal multi-position shade with its vertical tilt function.

The tilting is quite easy, all you need is to push a button, and the tilt happens. But what makes it an ideal outdoor swimming pool umbrella? One, this model features a massive canopy of 11-feet diameter, allowing it to provide enough shade.

Second, the materials used in its construction are all ideal for outdoor use; everything from canopy, ribs, the pole, and also the framing. It’s also good to mention that using this umbrella, lifting, and tilting is quite easy and straightforward.


  • Waterproof, Sun-proof, UV-protected Polyester fabric
  • Easy to operate crank lifting system
  • Sturdy, coated aluminum Pole
  • 5-position vertical tilt function
  • Super-strong steel ribs
  • Cross Base is included
  • Easy to clean


  • Weights are not included

2. Le Papillon Cantilever Outdoor Offset Patio Umbrella

Le Papillon Cantilever Outdoor Offset Patio UmbrellaHere is another top-quality cantilever umbrella ideal for giving you the much-needed cover while you relax in your poolside. Why did I include it in this list? First, this model offers something new to its users. It comes with a 360-degree crank mechanism rotation giving you better versatility.

On top of that, it’s quite easy to use and operate the tilt, crank, and even the open-close system. With its 10-feet canopy, you’re confident you will get an all-day shade to enjoy. It’s ideal for commercial use as well as residential.

Its 1.9-inches high-quality pole and the eight sturdy steel ribs are all coffee powder coated to keep them rust-free and have an elegant look. The general design employed here ensures it provides the required outdoor performance.


  • Exclusive Easy Open Lift system
  • Convenient crank mechanism
  • Easy 360-degree rotation
  • Simple slider mechanism
  • Wind and airflow vent
  • Cross base included
  • Easy Operation


  • No Weights
  • Only one crank available

3. PURPLE LEAF Double Top Round Deluxe Patio Umbrella

PURPLE LEAF Double Top Round Deluxe Patio UmbrellaMy third product is the Purple Leaf Double Patio Umbrella. It comes as a highly-durable double top deluxe offset hanging umbrella ideal to give the needed poolside UV shading. How does it perform outdoors? It works great, all thanks to its high-quality, sturdy construction.

The umbrella uses alloy steel which makes it super strong and also durable. On top of that, the material feature anti-oxidation spray painted to give it a rust/corrosion resistant for extended durability.

The canopy is also top quality as it features an easy-to-clean, UV-protected, waterproof and fade-resistant polyester fabric. The unit is also easy to operate thanks to its convenient hand-crank system and tilt. With this umbrella, you will have the best, UV-protected poolside relaxation.


  • Crank Lift Handle Mechanism
  • High-quality Polyester fabric
  • Double-top Air vent design
  • Storage cover included
  • All-aluminum bones
  • Heavy-duty ribs


  • Weighted base not included
  • The protective cover is not included

4. Abba Patio Offset Cantilever Hanging Umbrella

Abba Patio Offset Cantilever Umbrella 1What do you need from the best cantilever pool umbrella? Ease of use, proper UV protection, and durability. Right? That’s what you get from this next model, the Abba Patio Offset Cantilever Umbrella. It comes as a high-quality hanging outdoor umbrella with a cross base.

As an outdoor shade-provider, it features a 9-feet top-quality, solution-dyed polyester fabric. The material makes it ideal for 1,000 hours of UV protection while also suitable for keeping its appeal, and it doesn’t fade. The fabric is also waterproof keeping you covered during the sunny and rainy days.

Durability and the structural strength in this umbrella is also top class. The ribs, pole, and the framing use high-quality metals to make sure it can handle outdoor weather elements.


  • Powder-coated aluminum pole
  • Durable steel ribs for stability
  • 1000 hours of UV protection
  • Solution-dyed polyester
  • Easy-to-use crank lift
  • Dynamic airflow


  • Limited color choices
  • You need to purchase weights separately

5. C-Hopetree Cantilever Offset Hanging Umbrella

C Hopetree Cantilever Offset Hanging UmbrellaMy happiness is when you get the perfect fit cantilever umbrella for your pool. That’s why I give you the C-Hopetree Cantilever Offset Market Style umbrella. It’s also a high-quality umbrella featuring a tilt, convenient crack system and a 360-degree rotation with a foot lock.

With this umbrella, you get to enjoy a great relaxing time with your poolside. But what makes an ideal outdoor pool umbrella? The canopy used by this model features premium-quality solution-dyed polyester fabric which provides perfect sun protection.

Besides that, the umbrella also features durable, powder-coated aluminum pole and steel ribs which allows it to withstand the weather elements.


  • Premium quality polyester fabric
  • Superior strength construction
  • Protective storage cover
  • 360-degree rotation
  • Ideal Sun Protection


  • No air vents
  • Fades with time

6. ABCCANOPY Offset Cantilever Patio Hanging Umbrella

ABCCANOPY Offset Cantilever Patio Hanging UmbrellaABCCANOPY Patio Umbrella is another unique outdoor umbrella that brings something new to its users. One thing that makes it famous and favorite to many is the fact that it comes with solar-powered LEDs.

Apart from giving you the shade from the UV-rays, it uses solar energy to power some LEDs which provide decorative light and illumination during the night. Besides all that, the umbrella does also offers a 10-feet shading, keeping you fresh and comfortable.

Its easy-to-lift crack mechanism allows you to have the most convenient time opening or closing the umbrella. The crank system also allows 360-degree rotation giving you’re the versatility to choose when you need the shade.


  • UV protection material canopy
  • Heavy-duty steel cross base
  • Equipped with 32 led lights
  • Strong frame and pole
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Easy to lift crank


  • Weak seams
  • No required weights

Best Cantilever Pool Umbrella (Buying Guide)

You might have noticed all the models in this review are quite similar in design. Right? Yes, the similarity makes it difficult to know the ideal model for your needs. For you to make a sound decision, which you won’t regret later, you got to consider the following selection factors.

1) Size and Shape

The first thing you need to consider is the size of the cantilever pool umbrella you need. You need to have the measurement of the pool area you want to cover so that you can know the exact size that suits your needs best. You have to think about the space in both circular, rectangular, and square. Cantilever umbrellas are either square, rectangular, or round.

2) Style and Design

Since you’re buying the best cantilever pool umbrella for your poolside, the umbrella design matters a lot. That means you need to ensure you get a closer look at the style of the cantilever umbrella and pick a model that complements your poolside décor. Yes, you might want to go with the trending styles, but remember your umbrella style of choice needs to tune in with the overall design and appeal of your home.

Cantilever pool umbrellas come in different designs from a square, rectangular, or octagonal. Your final decision on this will highly depend on your preferences or a design that you feel complements the outdoor pool space better. Also, check on the color that goes well with your décor appeal.

3) Quality and Durability

On quality and durability, you need to check on how well the umbrella is constructed and the materials used in the construction. It needs to feature a high-strength structure with resistance to rust and corrosion. The pole, ribs, and the frame need to be sturdy enough to support the whole unit and withstand elements. When it comes to the canopy, the fabric used needs to be waterproof, UV-protective, and also non-fading. That way, you’re sure you have the best cantilever pool umbrella.

4) Ease of Operation and Adjustable Options

The most important features to check in a cantilever umbrella are the tilt functions and rotation. With some umbrella having a limited 90-degree rotation, some can be adjusted up to 360 degrees. The tilt functions, on the other hand, offer the versatility of giving you extra shade.

Opening and closing of the umbrella need to be comfortable too. Here you need to consider a model that features a secure one lift mechanism that allows you [user] to open the umbrella in one motion. You can also go with a simple slider system which allows you to adjust the umbrella to the desired angle.

Another feature is the crank lifting mechanism which allows you to tilt the cantilever umbrella in different positions easily and quickly. You have to make sure you buy an umbrella with an easy-to-operate system.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s the ideal height for a good cantilever pool umbrella?

Most of the cantilever umbrellas have a height between 5-feet and 7-feet. The best height is needed to be adjustable and between 6-10 feet for enough allowance.

Can I clean my cantilever with soap?

Yes, but you will have to check the recommended soap. Not all canopies can handle bleaching, so do not try it if not approved.


Now, with the basic idea about the different best cantilever pool umbrellas models available, you can purchase according to your needs. When buying the best cantilever pool umbrella, keep in mind that you must check the fabric, sturdiness, umbrella brand, and its cost. That’s if you are serious about turning the poolside into a comfortable place where you, your family and friends will love to spend time.

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