The 12 Best Bounce Houses (Reviewed in 2020)

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One way to keep your kids happy and busy is by buying them a bounce house. A good bouncer will give endless fun while keeping them away from injuries. Some bounce house feature extras like a basketball hoop, a slide, and a pool.The-Best-Bounce-Houses-Reviews-in-this-year-Guide-for-Ultimate-Buyer

With these features in one bounce house unit, you will be providing the kids with the best enjoyable moment of their life. So, which model do you pick as the best? Selecting a bouncer model might be a problem for you since the market comes with multiple brands and types with different features.

For that reason, I have prepared the review below giving you the top best bounce houses available and features that make each to stand out.

Top 12 Best Bounce Houses For 2020

Product NameBlowerBrandPrice
Little Tikes Jump and SlideYesLittle TikesCheck Price
Blast Zone Inflatable BouncerYesBlast ZoneCheck Price
Blast Zone Inflatable Water ParkYesBlast ZoneCheck Price
Bounceland Royal Palace Bounce HouseYesBouncelandCheck Price
Bounceland Pop Star Inflatable Bounce HouseYesBouncelandCheck Price
Pirate Bay Blast Zone Inflatable ComboYesPirate BayCheck Price
TentandTable Inflatable Bounce HouseYesTentandTableCheck Price
Pogo Inflatable Bounce HouseYesPogoCheck Price
Blast Zone Inflatable Water ParkYesBlast ZoneCheck Price
Bounceland Jump and SplashYesBouncelandCheck Price
Ultimate Combo Bounce HouseYesUltimate ComboCheck Price
Little Tikes Slam ‘n Curve SlideYesLittle TikesCheck Price

1. Little Tikes Jump and Slide Inflatable Bounce House – with Duty Blower

Are you searching for the best bounce house for your kids to play in? Search no more as this Little Tikes Inflatable jump and slide bounce house comes with a spacious 12ft by 9ft bouncing area and a slide giving your kids hours of fun.Little-Tikes-Jump-and-Slide-Inflatable-Bounce-House-with-Duty-Blower

The unit comes with tall mesh walls which surrounds the jumping area keeping the kids safe while bouncing and at the same time allowing maximum ventilation. The mesh netting will enable you to keep an eye on the kids while playing.

The bouncer comes with a giant inflatable slide adding extra excitement while allowing the kids to enjoy sliding out and climbing back up. The Jump and Slide Bouncer comes with a continuous-flow heavy-duty blower which keeps the bounce house inflated while kids play.

The six stakes that come with this unit are to be used in firmly holding it in place. The bounce house inflates in minutes, and it is easy to deflate and comes with a foldable design for easy storage. Also, the included storage bag will make it easy for you to store it and take it on the go.


  • Tall walls with mesh netting surrounding the large jumping area
  • Two mesh doors for secure entrance
  • Continuous-flow heavy-duty blower
  • Maximum capacity: 3 kids
  • Maximum weight limit: 250 lbs


  • Blower is loud
  • The fan has to stay running while children play inside

2. Blast Zone Inflatable Bouncer –  Magic Castle for Kids

If you’re searching for a way to give your kids hours of fun with a castle-themed bouncer, the Blast Zone Magic Inflatable Castle makes a perfect choice. It comes in an absolute delight with turrets and expansive flags in bold, eye-catching colors.Blast-Zone-Inflatable-Bouncer-Magic-Castle-for-Kids

It can be used indoors as it comes with a low height walls design which easily clears a typical-sized ceiling. The unit comes with a reinforced PVC vinyl flooring that has multiple stitches at the seams reassuring you that the kids will stay safe.

For additional safety, the Magic Castle bounce houses have 5ft long mesh walls guarding the kids against falling while jumping. The bounce houses have an 8.5′ W x 11′ L x 8′ H ample play area with a separate ball pit. It has a rating of three kids at a time.

Deflating the unit is quite easy and comes with a foldable design which allows you to fold it to a medium-sized rolled sleeping bag. It comes with a portable carry bag for a comfortable carry and storage.


  • Fun Castle Theme Bouncer
    Double and Quadruple Stitching
    Commercial Vinyl Impact Surfaces
    Interior Dimensions: 84″ x 84″
    Inflated Dimensions: Approx. 11’L x 8.5’W x 8’H
    Max Weight: 100 Lbs


  • Not covered
  • Blower sometimes malfunctions

3. Blast Zone Inflatable Water Park – Kid Friendly Bounce House

Blast-Zone-Inflatable-Water-Park-Kid-Friendly-Bounce-HouseThe Blast Zone Crocodile Isle inflatable water park is a fantastic bounce house that comes with a pool. It comes with two separate dry/water slides and a climbing wall at its center. Each of the slides features an overhead sprayer and needs only one garden hose to moisten the enticing playscape.

The water park is made of commercial grade vinyl material that is reinforced with four stitching layers. The unit is easy to set it up since it comes as a single unit and takes a mere two minutes to be fully inflated.

It comes equipped with a heavy-duty blower which provides continuous air flow. It also comes with a handy manual and an instruction DVD containing a step-by-step guide on how to set the whole thing up.


  • Massive Splash Area and an Upgraded Climber
  • Upgraded Tail Walls and climbing Ramp
  • Commercial Vinyl Impact Surfaces
  • Dual Sides with safety Netting
  • Double and Quadruple Stitching


  • Stair seams are prone to stress and damage
  • Garden hose required but sold separately

4. Bounceland Royal Palace Bounce House – with Amazing Slide

The Bounceland Royal Bounce House is a charming palace featuring a slide and comes with bright red flags that are flown off on each pillar. It comes with a spacious bouncy/courtyard, a climbing wall, and a bright blue 10ft slide. The jumping area measure 8.5ft by 7ft giving the kids enough space to jump and play.Bounceland-Royal-Palace-Bounce-House-with-Amazing-Slide

It comes with a Commercial Grade Bouncing Floor with exclusive extra elastic providing more bouncing freedom. The strong mesh walls with large supporting columns offer the kids a safe, steady base for extra bouncing fun.

The general design of this Bounceland Royal Bouncer complements the safety of your kids. It comes with netting on the slide platform top with reinforced stitching and high railings. The bounce houses feature safe Velcro opening and steps allowing little ones to enter and exit with confidence.

The unit comes equipped with a heavy-duty plug-in quiet electric blower with a 25ft long cord and a GFCI plug. The inside climb wall allows the kids to climb to the slide quickly. Also, for an added challenge and fun, the unit comes with an inflatable basketball hoop.


  • Powered by included strong UL blower
  • Heavy-duty puncture proof materials
  • Huge inflated size: 13ft x12ft x9ft H.
  • Double to quadruple stitches
  • Weight limit: Max 100 lbs. per kid and 500 lbs max combined weight


  • Expensive
  • Strict Weight requirements

5. Bounceland Pop Star Inflatable Bounce House – Best for Kid Bouncer

If you’re planning to invest in the best bounce house for your kids’ joy and wellness, then you need to consider buying the Bounceland Pop Star bounce houses. With a 10.5ft by 8ft bounce area, this bouncer is vast enough to accommodate at least five kids at a time.Bounceland-Pop-Star-Inflatable-Bounce-House-Best-for-Kid-Bouncer

It comes with a 7ft long slide which will add that extra fun. It comes with an included basketball hoop giving the kids an additional challenge. The unit is made to last for long as it is made of durable, puncture proof, double/quadruple stitched and fire-resistance materials.

The Bounceland Pop Star bouncer comes with mesh walls that prevent the kids from falling when jumping. The mesh walls will also allow you to keep an eye on the kids as they play. The bounce house can be used both indoors and outdoors.

When used indoors there is no need to use the sandbag or the stakes for support. It is quite easy to have set up since it takes less than a minute of your time to inflate fully. The Velcro opening features in this unit keep the kids safe while giving more comfortable access to the bounce area.


  • Laminated Oxford Terylene/PVC coated Terylene materials
  • Double to quadruple stitched materials
  • Powered by an included strong UL blower
  • Inflated size: 15ft x 13ft x 8.3ft
  • Maximum weight: 500 lbs


  • Pricey
  • Not for commercial use

6. Pirate Bay Blast Zone Inflatable Combo – Bounce and Water Park Review

Blast Zone Pirate Bay is an Inflatable combo water slide and a bounce park for kids. It comes as a durable and robust yet portable and lightweight water slide that features a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. The unit brings all the water park fun straight to your backyard your kids to enjoy.Bounce and Water Park Review

Bounce houses feature a super fun design with an integrated water slide, double water cannons to splash the unsuspecting passers-by, a bouncer, a fantastic crawl-tunnel to light up the kid’s imagination, and an oversized splash pool.

These bounce houses come with an inbuilt flow restriction to reduce water wastage. Its all high-stress areas come reinforced to maximize its lifespan. These areas include Fan, Inflatable Park, Cinch straps or carrying case, ground stakes, sprayer and many more. Equipped with a water slide, double water cannons, a bouncer, crawl-tunnel, and a splash pool.


  • Inbuilt flow restriction
  • Reinforced high-stress areas
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty


  • Bouncer draining and drying require a lot of power
  • Pool bottom quite thin

7. TentandTable Inflatable Bounce House – Wet/Dry Slide Bouncer

If you are searching for a durable commercial grade bounce house with dry/wet slide, then this 12ft by 12 TentandTable bounce house with a crossover tropical oasis combo is what you need. It comes with a damp kiddie pool attachment, ground stakes, blower, storage bag, and a repair kit.TentandTable-Inflatable-Bounce-House-WetDry-Slide-Bouncer

The ultra-fun bouncy jumpers were designed with at-home use in mind and combining everything your kids need at one great price. The unit has been constructed with 100% heavy-duty PVC Vinyl, and all its stress areas feature a double-layered vinyl for durability.

Also, it comes with quadruple stitching for an added safety. All the materials used are phthalate free and comply with the lead-free toys act. Also, the model meets all the CPAI 84 and NFPA 701 fire codes. Materials used are Phthalate Free and comply with the Lead-Free Toys Act.


  • 100% Heavy Duty PVC Vinyl Constructed
  • All stress areas are vinyl multi-layered
  • Feature a double to quadruple stitching
  • Exceed NFPA 701 and CPAI 84 Fire Codes
  • One year manufacturer’s limited warranty


  • Suitable For Small Kids Only

8. Pogo Inflatable Bounce House – Water Slide Review

The Pogo Bounce Houses are a high-quality inflatable water bounce house with a water slide. It comes with a 12ft tall by 12ft long and 9ft wide bounce Tropical Crossover Kids Jumper Inflatable Water Slide which feature a blower.Pogo-Inflatable-Bounce-House-Water-Slide-Review

It the ultra-fun water slide with non-slip climbing surfaces employed on this model was engineered for residential use, and they can be used without water. The model comes as a complete package with a durable storage bag, repair kit, a commercial quality blower, and anchor stakes.

All the Crossover Inflatables on this model are constructed from 100% Heavy Duty PVC Vinyl and feature a multi-layer vinyl on all stress areas. These areas also have a double to quadruple stitching. The materials used are Phthalate Free and comply with the Lead-Free Toys Act.

Furthermore, the model meets or exceed CPAI 84 and NFPA 701 Fire Codes. Lastly, the unit comes with a one year manufacturer’s limited warranty which covers any of its defects.


  • 100% Heavy Duty PVC Vinyl Constructed
  • Vinyl multi-layered stress areas
  • Double to quadruple stitching
  • Meet or exceed NFPA 701 and CPAI 84 Fire Codes
  • Materials used are Phthalate Free and comply with the Lead-Free Toys Act
  • One year manufacturer’s limited warranty


  • Takes time to be fully inflated
  • Prone to puncture – Can only be used on grass

9. Blast Zone Inflatable Water Park – Best Water Slide Review

With so many different accessories and features, it comes as no surprise that the name of the inflatable waterpark calls this inflatable pool. When you look at the dimensions, it is 14’ x 9’ x 8’.Blast-Zone-Inflatable-Water-Park-Best-Water-Slide-Review

When you look at the accessories, it comes along with the water cannon and a climbing wall. It has a water slide as well. With the help of a proper splash area, you will be able to play around quite easily.

In case, you want to fold bounce houses up when you want to store it, and there are easy steps to do so. With the help of blower with a 25 feet cord, you will be able to inflate it without any problem at all.

When you look at the theme on which this inflatable kiddie pool is designed, it is the pirate theme. All of these fantastic features combined make it one of the best kiddie pools which you can buy.


  • The dimensions of the pool are 96” x 168” x 108”
  • It comes along with water slides, climbing wall, water cannons
  • The pool also has a splash area
  • It is easy to store
  • The design is based on the pirate theme
  • It comes along with the blower with 25 feet cord
  • It can inflate within minutes


  • The quality of the blower could have been better

10. Bounceland Jump and Splash – Best Bouncer and Water Park

The dimensions of this kiddie pool are 11.5’ x 9’ x 6’. It comes along with a very powerful blower. Also, the pool is spacious enough making it easy for the kids to move around.Bounceland-Jump-and-Splash-Best-Bouncer-and-Water-Park

The main advantage of this kiddie pool is that it is made from heavy duty puncture proof material. This ensures that you can easily use it for a more extended period. Each of the seams is a double stitch or quadruple stitched. It provides that it is challenging for the pool to suffer from any puncture.

When you look at the accessories which come along with it, it consists of the bounce houses, carrying bag, blower, stakes, water hose. It also includes a repair kit which makes it much easier for you to repair the pool in case of any problem. Bounce houses come along with the instructions; you can use it quite easily. It can handle up to 300 lbs. of weight which is another advantage.


  • It is made from heavy-duty materials
  • The pool consists of a slide and a bounce houses
  • This pool can support up to 300 lbs. of weight
  • It is made from puncture proof material
  • It comes along with a repair kit
  • The seams are either double stitched or quadruple stitched


  • The space at the bottom of the slide is limited

11. Ultimate Combo Bounce House – Inflatable Basketball Hoop

The material from which this kiddie pool is made is PVC coated terylene. This bounce houses ensure that the material durability is not a problem at all. The size after inflation is 12’ x 10’ x 8’. There are plenty of obstacles to keep your kids entertained.Ultimate-Combo-Bounce-House-Inflatable-Basketball-Hoop

Some of the things which are included are inflatable basketball hoop, slide, other sliding surfaces, obstacle wall. There is a dedicated bouncing area as well. This bounce houses will keep your kids entertained for a more extended period. With the help of durable stitching quality, you can be sure that it will not face any problem.

The blower is included along with the pool. It means that you will not have to worry about buying it separately. It is easy to set up, and it is easy to deflate whenever you want. Inflation takes less than a minute. It is what makes it one of the best kiddie pools which you can buy for your kids.


  • It is made from PVC coated terylene
  • The pool consists of an obstacle wall, basketball hoop as well as a slide
  • The pool has a dedicated bouncing area
  • The stitch quality of the pool is pretty good enough
  • A blower is included with the pool


  • The packaging is not up to the mark

12. Little Tikes Slam N Curve Slide – a Fun Ride into the Landing Pool

If you’re looking for the best kiddie pool which offers some challenges for your kids, you can consider this option. It consists of an inflatable rock wall. It has a slippery slide along with the landing area.Little-Tikes-Slam-‘n-Curve-Slide-a-Fun-Ride-into-the-Landing-Pool

Thus, your kids will be able to enjoy the inflatable pool quite easily. The dimensions of the pool are 85” x 71” x 46”. At the same point in time, the design of the bounce houses is such that there are no blind spots.

You can monitor your kids consistently when they are playing in the inflatable pool. There is also a basketball hoop which is attached in the pool area for added fun as well. The stakes anchor the inflatable pool; hence, the pool remains stable.

A heavy duty blower is also included to provide continuous airflow. With the puncture resistant material, you can be sure that you will be able to use it for a more extended period without any problem at all. All of these features certainly make it one of the best kiddie pools which you can buy.


  • It consists of an inflatable rock wall
  • The pool consists of a landing pool along with the slide
  • The pool does not consist of any blind spots
  • The pool also consists of one basketball hoop
  • It is made from puncture resistant material


  • It is not that easy to deflate and fold

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