7 Best Booster Pump Pool Cleaners [Reviewed] For 2020

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Best-Booster-Pump-Pool-CleanerThe good thing about the world today is that you do not have to waste your time cleaning your pool. That is because there are best booster pump pool cleaners in the market.

They help people like you and me to clean the pool because we are those people who want pools in the house but do not want to participate in the cleaning process.

Buying the best booster pump pool cleaner, however, comes with challenges. There are lots of models and types out there that will give a headache while trying to make your purchase choice.

And if you’re here to find a more straightforward way. Yes, I have simplified the process for you. I have picked the best models, reviewed them and prepared the following comprehensive guide to help you. Read it through and ensure you don’t miss the point.

The 7 Best Booster Pump Pool Cleaner in 2020

1. Polaris F9550 – Sport Robotic In-Ground Pool Cleaner

Polaris F9550 – Sport Robotic In-Ground Pool CleanerNeed the best booster pump pool cleaner that comes with robotic features? If so, the Polaris Sport Robotic pool cleaner is an ideal model for you.

This Polaris 9550 comes in as a regular, inspirational four-wheel-drive automatic robotic cleaner. The oscillating brushes used by this unit ensures that any stubborn dirt and stains are scrubbed away correctly.

The model features an aquadynamic design which combines a commanding styling, innovative engineering, and intelligence for a really impressive cleaning.

The device also features a programmable timer, motion-sensing handheld remote and pre-programmed cleaning patterns.


  • A large capacity filter canister
  • Remote control Motion Sensing
  • Vortex Vacuum Technology
  • Powder-coated alloy caddy
  • Programmable Timer
  • Aquadynamic design


  • Ideal for in-ground pools only
  • Doesn’t work great with pool steps

2. Dolphin Automatic Nautilus CC Plus – Easy to Clean

Dolphin Automatic Nautilus CC Plus - Easy to CleanThe Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus is the answer to those seeking the perfect booster pump pool cleaner. The Nautilus CC plus is an automatic pool cleaner that comes with a large top load filter cartridge and a tangle-free swivel cord.

The device uses powerful dual scrubbing brushes which forcefully attacks those tough dirt and debris on the pool floor and walls. Additionally, the model uses CleverClean scanning technology to deliver smart and efficient cleaning by using advanced algorithms for complete pool coverage.

The large top load cartridge filter employed on this unit allow it so capture huge leaves and the fine debris for optimal cleaning.


  • Powerful twofold scrubbing brushes
  • Easy-to-use single button operation
  • Outsized top-load cartridge filter
  • Anti-tangle patented swivel
  • CleverClean Technology
  • 8X more energy efficient


  • Quite heavy
  • Cannot clean pool steps well

3. Hayward Poolvergnuegen – Powerful Dual Scrubbing Brushes

Hayward Poolvergnuegen Best Booster Pump Pool CleanersThe Hayward Poolvergnuegen is an automatic suction pump pool cleaner available in either 2-wheel or 4-wheel size. The filter comes with patented features like the self-adjusting turbine vanes which ensure maximum power with any flow.

The tire treads and adjustable skirt on this model work in conjunction with the programmed steering to make sure you get an easy wall-climbing, maximum pool coverage, and obstacle management while leaving your pool super clean.

The model also comes with interchangeable throats which allow optimization of the suction performance at low flow.


  • Manifold pre-programmed inner steering
  • Self-adjusting turbine vane
  • Obstacle management
  • Adjustable roller skirt
  • Patented tire treads
  • Enhanced climbing


  • It takes longer to clean a pool
  • Doesn’t handle steps well

4. Dolphin Premier Robotic Cleaner – Multiple Filter Options

Dolphin Premier Robotic Cleaner – Multiple Filter OptionsThe Dolphin Premier pool cleaner is one of the best booster pump pool cleaners which offers four kinds of media in a single robot. The device also comes with dual filter cartridges and an oversized bag for effective pool cleaning.

The pool cleaner also comes with a high-grade motor that reduces energy up to 87 percent. Moreover, this model comes with a smart-Nav microprocessor-controlled software which allows it to have highly improved scanning and complete coverage.

The swivel used by this model is a game-changer that provides unlimited 360 degrees rotation for efficient, tangle-free operations.


  • Four media types in a single robot
  • Dual scrubbing brushes
  • Dual filter cartridges
  • Tangle-free operation
  • Long swivel system
  • 3-year warranty


  • Relatively high priced
  • Remote and caddy sold separately

5. Polaris Vac-Sweep 380 – Best Pool Cleaner

Polaris Vac-Sweep 380 – Best Pool CleanerThe Polaris Vac-Sweep 380 pool cleaner is a pressure-side pool cleaner that works with all in-ground pools. The model is powered by triple jets allowing it to sweep, scrub and vacuum the pool bottom, walls, and steps of any shape and size.

The dirt and debris collected are held in a single chamber filter bag thus removing them before they reach the pool filtration system. The pool cleaner also features an iconic three-wheel design with a belt drive mechanism to provide a higher vacuum power and faster cleaning.

The unit also features an in-line back-up valve which automatically frees it gets cornered allowing it to clean without interruptions. The model also features a compact, rugged design enabling it to have maximum performance.


  • Maximizes Water Filtration and Circulation
  • Large Capacity Zippered Filter Bag
  • Optimum cleaning efficiency
  • Excellent Maneuverability
  • In-line back-up valve


  • The unit is heavier
  • Not great at scrubbing the waterline

6. Dolphin Oasis Z5i – Pool Robotic Cleaner

Dolphin Oasis Z5i – Pool Robotic CleanerThe Dolphin Oasis Z5i pool cleaner is a powerful robotic cleaner that will end your search for the best booster pump pool cleaner. The Oasis Z5i is equipped with a potential dynamic dual drive-motor which provides a precise degree pinpoint turning for easy maneuverability and a maximum pool coverage, irrespective of pool shape.

Additionally, this model comes with two heavy-duty scrubbing brushes which are meant to forcefully attack the stubborn dirt and debris and using the powerful suction and filtration system to get rid of them.

The oversized cartridge filters and the maximum suction rate employed on this unit allows it to trap leaves and debris before getting to the pool filter pump thus extending its life.


  • Heavy-duty twofold scrubbing brushes
  • Powerful, vibrant dual drive-motor
  • Powerful suction and filtration
  • Oversized cartridge filters
  • Effortless Cleaning


  • Heavy
  • Not ideal for cleaning pool steps

7. Dolphin Sigma Pool Robotic Cleaner – with Bluetooth

Dolphin Sigma Pool Robotic Cleaner - with BluetoothThe Sigma Robotic cleaner for Dolphin is a unique model that comes with SmartNav technology which advanced navigation and scanning software which ensure that your pool is cleaned from every inch.

With this model, you don’t have to watch the robot as it does its work. The tangle-free swivel used by this Sigma Robot allows a 360-degree rotation allowing it to parts of your pool and without tangling. Another marvelous thing about this robotic cleaner is that it can be controlled using an Android/iOS app through a phone.

Additionally, it can move smoothly over pool obstacles like the drains. It also comes with a large top load cartridge which eliminates the need for those messy and cumbersome bags.


  • Advanced SmartNav navigation and scanning software
  • PowerClean Dual Scrubbing Brushes
  • Tangle-Free Patented Swivel
  • Three years Quality Assurance
  • Independent Tracks
  • Weekly Scheduler


  • A bit heavy
  • Inadequate instruction manual

Best Booster Pump Pool Cleaner [Buying Guide]

Purchasing the best booster pump pool cleaner is a great idea, but you should choose the right one. Before starting to buy one, try to reflect on the following factors as they will guide you on selecting a model that will be ideal for your pool.

Materials of the surface of the pool

First, check your pool surface materials. Is it concrete, fiberglass, tile, and vinyl? That will offer you an idea of the pool cleaner you should use since different products work better depending on the surface of the pool. There are pool cleaners that only work with fiberglass, vinyl or, sometimes both.

It would be more practical to buy something that can work on multiple surfaces instead of something that only works on one type of surface. Some best booster pump pool cleaner is designed for horizontal and vertical surfaces where many are degraded by not climbing stairs and walls.

Pool Size

The next thing is the size of your pool. There are booster pump pool cleaners some that can only clean effectively smaller swimming pools and may not be able to be used for larger ones. So, read the product specifications and see if it is an ideal match for your swimming pool.

Pool Type

The pools are basically of two types, on the ground, and the earth. And although some booster pump cleaner models claim that they work equally well in both, it is better to choose one that has been designed specifically for your pool type.


Another to consider is convenience. It should be simple to install, and it does not take a lot of time. If there is one that comes with longer threads, it would be much better. Also, maintenance should be minimal.


Everyone doesn’t buy the best booster pump pool cleaner, and that’s why they cost a fortune. Therefore, it is essential to find a pool cleaner which offers the customer a reliable warranty. I recommend you buy a booster pump pool cleaner with a guarantee of at least 24 months.


Whatever the size, type or model you pool is, getting the best booster pump pool cleaner can be a blessing to you. The booster pump pool cleaner will ensure your swim in a clean pool and also reduce the time you take in cleaning it. Believing you have read the info above, it’s my hope you will find the right model.

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