8 Best Basketball Hoops For Inground Pools (Reviews) 2020

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Best-Basketball-Hoop-For-Inground-Pools-by-Globo-SwimBasketball is a universal sport. Throughout the world, many people participate in basketball games, as professional or casual players. Playing basketball in the pool is a lucrative business in many ways.

And to begin with, swimming is a great exercise and is considered a very effective way to stay in shape. It improves circulation and promotes better breathing, which strengthens the body’s immune system.

Installing the best basketball hoop for the inground pool will give you a chance to experience the fun while also workout. Outdoor poolside basketball hoops are available in different styles and models.

Whether you are interested portable or permanent ones, with the review I have provided below you will be able to find a model that suits your needs. Also, use the buyer’s guide to make sure you pick the perfect model fit for you.

Top 8 Best Basketball Hoop For Inground Pool in 2020

Brand & NameBrandHoop SizesPrice
Lifetime Pool Side Basketball SystemLifetime14 InchCheck Price
Dunnrite Pool BasketballDunnrite13.5 InchCheck Price
Swimline Poolside BasketballSwimline13.5 InchCheck Price
S.R. Smith 610-209-5813Poolmaster13.5 InchCheck Price
Poolmaster BasketballSwimWays14 InchCheck Price
SwimWays 2 in 1Dunnrite14 InchCheck Price
Dunnrite Basketball HoopDunnrite13.5 InchCheck Price
Dunnrite 2-in-1 SetHarvil14 InchCheck Price

1. Lifetime Pool Side Basketball System – Affordable

Lifetime Pool Side Basketball SystemThe Lifetime poolside basketball hoop system features a 44-inch shatterproof fusion backboard that features a telescoping height adjustment.

The hoop system on this unit features a classic rim that is fitted with an all-weather nylon hoop net and a three-inch diameter round steel pole. With its 27-gallon portable heavy-duty base, this model is an ideal choice if you are seeking for the best basketball hoop for inground pool.

The graphics on this model are screen-printed using UV protected inks to provide them with superior color and guard against elements.


  • UV-protected and rust-resistant pole
  • Unbreakable polyethylene frame
  • Shatterproof Fusion Backboard
  • The original classic basketball rim
  • Integrated polycarbonate
  • Screen-printed Graphics


  • Very heavy
  • Tendency to rust

2. Dunnrite pool basketball – Portable

Dunnrite pool basketball Bring the basketball fun right to your above ground pool by getting the Dunnrite PoolSport. It’s a portable pool basket hoop that features a stainless steel rim which is resistant to rust and corrosion.

The model also features a color-matched basketball and a solid poly backboard which will give the chance to enjoy the fun of playing basketball right form your pool.

The basketball hoop pedestal extends the rim out over the pool water so that the players wouldn’t have to get too close to the pool edge.


  • Durable stainless steel hardware
  • Vinyl coated stainless steel rim
  • Silkscreened poly backboard
  • Color matched construction
  • Three years limited warranty
  • Water filled Base


  • Rusting problem
  • Net lacks durability

3. Swimline Poolside Basketball – Adjustable

Swimline Poolside BasketballBe ready to host your first pool basketball game party by getting the Swimline Cool Jam Pro. It’s a poolside basketball hoop set that is super wide.

It features a commercial quality multi-height which can be adjusted depending on the players’ preferences. It’s fitted with a heavy-duty net, a metallic hoop and accompanies a regulation size game ball. The setting up the unit isn’t a complicated process, and you will have it up in a matter of minutes.


  • Multi-height commercial adjustable pole
  • Durable, strong metallic hoop
  • Molded hard body backboard
  • Regulation size game ball
  • Heavy duty net


  • Needs storage
  • Rim tends to rust

4. Poolmaster Basketball – for Inground or Above Ground Pools

Poolmaster BasketballThe Poolmaster Pro Rebounder is an above ground poolside basketball game hoop set that will give all the fun you need. It is constructed form long-lasting, all-weather poly-form plastic and its game base and the backboard are resistant to the harsh outdoor elements.

The net on this model is made from durable, mold-resistant polyester-coated threads that can withstand the weather elements too. It comes as a complete unit with all its components plus a basketball ball and an inflating needle.


  • Durable all-weather materials
  • All-weather hand-woven net
  • Hard-body backboard
  • Polyform game base
  • Heavy duty net


  • Mini-sized hoop
  • Stability problems

5. SwimWays 2 in 1 – Basketball and Volleyball

SwimWays 2 in 1The SwimWays 2 in 1 Game hoop set is poolside basketball/volleyball net. If you adore playing multiple pool games, then this is your model. The volleyball net/basketball hoop span 24 feet and feature a low profile base.

The 2-in-1 design will allow you to switch between sports quickly. Assembling the unit doesn’t require any tool and the whole process require very little of your time.

So, if you’re in the search for the best basketball hoop for inground pool, this model needs to be in your list of selection.


  • 2-In-1 basketball and volleyball game set
  • Designed for anyone ages: 6+
  • No-tools-required assembly
  • Easy transport and storage
  • Two heavy-duty bases


  • FlimsyNot suitable for young kids

6. Dunnrite Basketball Hoop – Stainless Steel Rim

Dunnrite Basketball HoopIf you need a way to play your best sport, basketball, inside your pool, then you need to consider buying the Dunnrite Splash and Shoot basketball hoop.

It is a pool basketball hoop set that features a durable, sturdy stainless steel rim that is coated with vinyl to make it rust and corrosion proof. With this model, you will be able to turn your above ground swimming pool into an aquatic basketball court.

The model also features a rugged base that can hold up to 200 pounds.


  • Super-tough polyethylene base
  • Aluminum Powder Coated Pole
  • Vinyl coated stainless steel rim
  • White all-weather net
  • Telescoping pole
  • Easy assemble


  • Rim rusts quickly
  • Net does not last long

7. Dunnrite 2-in-1 Set – Basketball Hoop And Volleyball Combo Set

Dunnrite 2-in-1 Set The Products Pool Sport 2-in-1 pool basketball hoop is yet another well-constructed and high-performance pool basketball hoop form Dunnrite. This basketball hoop system comes as a basket hoop and a volleyball combo set.

The Dunnrite products pool sport will help you turn your pool into a complete basketball and volleyball sports center. The model features a stainless steel rim which is rust and corrosion resistant.

The model also features an adjustable volleyball net that span between 16 feet to 22 feet.


  • 2-In-1 basketball and volleyball game set
  • Vinyl coated stainless steel rim
  • Stable water Base filled
  • White all-weather net
  • Three-year warranty


  • Lacks stability
  • Net lacks durability

8. Harvil Poolside Basketball Hoop – Smart Backboard Storage

Harvil Poolside Basketball HoopThe Harvil Poolside Basketball hoop is a unit that will take your swimming pool fun to another level. By installing this unit, you will be installing your pool with the best basketball hoop for inground pool.

It will give you the chance to shoot hoops with your buddies. It’s easy to assemble and comes with sturdy construction that allows it to last for long. It also comes with a convenient storage slot that is detachable from the backboard.


  • Complete pool basketball hoop system
  • Blow-molded durable Base and posts
  • Detachable basketball backboard
  • Super strong stainless rim
  • 3-year warranty
  • All-weather net


  • High price
  • Height not adjustable

Best Basketball Hoop For Inground Pool Buying Guide

While you’re picking your best basketball hoop for inground pool, you need to take into consideration some essential points that will help you find the best model. I have provided you with some that will make your search more precise. Here they are:

Pool type

Pool basketball hoops are designed to fit either an above ground pool or an inground pool. Make sure that the hoop system that will suit your pool type and in this case the inground swimming pool. The pole length will determine how well it will be tailored for you.

Out-pool hoop or in-pool hoop?

You need to pick a model that will suit you better. Out of the pool hoop or an in the pool hoop? An in-pool basketball hoop isn’t considered the best since it makes you restricted playing and do not work well with the elderly. Out-pool hoops are available in a variety of types, and you can pick one that you need according to the height and size with adjustments. If you have a family or you’re planning on having a game challenge, you need to pick an out-pool hoop.

Hoop size

The basketball hoop size entirely depends on personal preferences. Hoops come in different sizes that you can select. It’s useful and vital to pick the most common one so that you can easily buy their basketball balls as well. However, inflatable pool hoops come with fixed size hoop, and they are ideal for kids.


The pool basketball hoop materials will determine its durability. The best basketball hoop for an inground pool is made from high-quality materials that are all-weather resistant, rust resistant and also corrosion resistant. You need to be keen while picking your model.

Cheap models are mostly made of flimsy plastic materials which won’t last long. Pick a model that features a polyethylene or high impact plastic. Make sure the net is made from heavy-duty fabric, and the pole is made from stainless steel or rust resistant materials.


The base is a crucial part and requires to be weighted to offer stability. Some weights come with an inbuilt weight, and they are somehow difficult to carry. You need to pick a model that will be easier to move around if you need a portable model like those that are weighted by filling the unit with sand or water.

However, if you don’t need a mobile model, preferably a stationary, which might give you some limitation, you don’t need to consider the weighted base. You can even pick a model that is installed directly to your pool.


The best basketball hoop for inground pool will bring more fun to your swimming pool which also provides you a chance to interact with your friends while also working out.

With the above information, it is easier to find the best basketball hoop for your inground pool than ever. The guide is there to guide you in making an ideal choice, which I believe you have already done.

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