5 Best Backyard Kiddie Pools of 2020 Guide

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I was wondering of what play items I can buy for my kids during summer before I discovered the best backyard kiddie pools. After comparing different kid’s pols available online, I came up with a list of the Best backyard kiddie pools.Best-Backyard-Kiddie-Pools-Reviewed

The kid’s pools are designed with different considerations. For my case, I was looking for kids pools that have necessary safety features.

My kids have not mastered the art of swimming well; hence I was more concerned with safe pools where they can play. I took into consideration different factors before compiling a list so that I can even make it easy for you if you intend to buy one.

Since I bought the kids swimming pools, they have made my children very happy. They can always enjoy playing in the backyard when I’m busy doing other things. Below is Top 5 Best backyard kiddie pools Review:

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The 5 Best Backyard Kiddie Pools for 2020

Brand & NameSizesAgesPrice
Intex Kiddie Pool58" x 13"12 or YoungerCheck Price
Intex Toddler Pool45 x 10"2+Check Price
Intex Mandarin 58" x 18"Ages 3+Check Price
Bestway H2OGO36 x 112 or youngerCheck Price
Intex Dinosaur24 x 81 to 3Check Price

1. Intex Kiddie Pool – Kid’s Summer Sunset Glow Design

It is a heavy duty swimming pool for kids which has served me very well. There are cases where children may tend to play with sharp objects.Intex Kiddie Pool – Kid’s Summer Sunset Glow Design

Of course, I’m careful to discourage them, but kids will always remain kids, and they can do anything when left unsupervised. The heavy-duty materials used to make the kids pool very durable.

It is made out of vinyl which assures me great durability. Intex Kiddie Pool is made out of bright colors hence making kids very happy whenever they are on the pools.

I was attracted to the kid’s pool due to the bright colors and high-quality materials. We bought it over a year ago, and it has still served us very well. It is a durable unit that works very well in allowing children to enjoy their play time.


  • Durable vinyl construction
  • Multicolored
  • 12-inch walls


  • It is suitable for kids only

2. Intex Toddler Pool – Crystal Blue Inflatable Pool

It is a perfect blue pool for kids. I was looking for something which can stand out at my backyard when I came across the pool. Since I installed it, it has worked very well in making my kids enjoy their free time.Intex Toddler Pool - Crystal Blue Inflatable Pool

It comes with several safety features that make children comfortable. You do not have to fear of drowning because it has been specifically designed to allow kids to enjoy their free time while swimming.

To sue the pool for the kids, I have to inflate it. The process of inflating it takes a few minutes. It also deflates fast so that I can store it after use.

It is a versatile pool that I can sue as a ball put for my kids or even for swimming purposes. I have also sued it to teach my kids how to swim. It comes in an easy to maintain design. When it comes to cleaning the pool, I can deflate it then wipe the surfaces.

It comes in a circular design hence allowing for different operations. My kids are always happy when playing in the swimming pool. With its above-ground design, I can set up in any location in my backyard.


  • Comes in a circular design
  • Multipack options
  • 6.5-inch depth


  • For kids only

3. Intex Mandarin – Swim Center Family Pool

It is a multipurpose kid’s pool. If you would like to keep a close eye on your kids as they play in the water, the swimming pool has enough space to allow you to enter the water and watch as your kids enjoy playing.Intex Mandarin - Swim Center Family Pool

It is big enough to let me enter the water with the kids and relax. I may not swim, but there is enough space for me to relax as the kids play in the water. Durable walls make it highly durable.

The one I bought has served me for long, and it is still working well. It is a great unit I have ever purchased.
It is effortless to clean. The clean plug included makes it easy to empty the pool before we can start washing it. The color of the pool is just great for kids.

They always become excited each time I’m inflating it. Since I bought the kids swimming pool, it has served my family very well. It is a great unit I have ever tried.


  • Large size
  • Allows an adult to sit inside
  • 13-inch depth


  • Requires effort to clean

4. Bestway H2OGO – Splash-in-Shade Play Pool Orange

It is among the Best backyard kiddie pools. With a steel frame, the pool is robust. My kids are now big, and they keep on jumping in and out of their pools. After checking on their play behavior, I decided to go for a strong pool.Bestway H2OGO – Splash-in-Shade Play Pool Orange

The kiddie pool is strong enough to accommodate children who are aggressive when playing in their pools. It has a unique design which makes it stand out.

PVC pool liner is easy to clean. When with kids in a swimming pool, it is necessary to clean it regularly. I’m not stressed when it comes to cleaning the pool because the walls are made out of nonstick surfaces.

Setting up the pool is very easy. It takes me a few minutes to have it entirely set up. With DVD instructions, I can easily set up the pool.


  • Steel Frame
  • DVD Instruction
  • PVC pool liner


  • Has a steel frame hence bulky

5. Intex Dinosaur – 3 Ring Baby Pool Review

Intex Dinosaur – 3 Ring Baby Pool ReviewIt is a kiddie pool that can hold 9 gallons of water. I can easily inflate it before using it. A maximum water depth of 5.5 inches, the kid’s pool is ideal for different kids.

Safety is vital when buying kids pool, and the designers took the time to incorporate all the safety features in the unit.
Soft inflatable floor allows for great comfort as the kids play.

It can serve children from 1 to 3 years very well. Frosted PVC design makes it a great pool. It even comes with a repair patch for hassle-free operation.


  • Soft inflatable floor
  • Frosted PVC design
  • Comfortable


  • Suitable for kids under three years

What to Look for in a Best Backyard Kiddie Pools?

Some of the safety factors you need to consider when purchasing kiddie backyard pools include the following:

Water Safety

You need to ensure your kids are safe when playing in the water. The pool should come with necessary safety features to ensure your kids are always happy when in water.

Safe And Non-Toxic materials

All the materials used to make the kid’s pools should be safe. Check on the safety of the materials before you proceed to buy a kiddie pool for your children.


If you intend to accompany your kids to the pool, then you need to go for one which has enough space. It also applies if you have many kids whom you would like to have them playing in the swimming pool.

Backyard kiddie pools (FAQs)

Are kiddie pools supposed to be kept clean?

Yes, you need to ensure the pools are always clean. If your kids introduce dirt into the swimming pools, you can deflate and wash the surfaces.

Is it necessary to buy Backyard kiddie pools?

You need to buy the Backyard kiddie pools for your kids. They are great items which will make your kids enjoy playing in the swimming pools.

How much do Backyard kiddie pools cost?

The pools are available at different prices. It is upon you to compare the prices online before you proceed to buy the swimming pools.

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