10 Best Automatic Vacuum for Intex above Ground Pool in 2020

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Best Automatic Vacuum for Intex above Ground Pool ReviewedIntex above ground pools is not as strong as in-ground pools. They require special automatic vacuum cleaners which will not exert too much pressure which can interfere with the structure of the Intex surfaces.

There are several brands of pool cleaners out there that have been specifically designed to work for such Intex pools. I have tested several models in the market to list for you the top picks here. Ensure you keep the Intex pools clean so that your family members can enjoy swimming.

The use of high-quality automatic pool cleaners makes the work easy. Check on the speed of the pool cleaners and the safety features. From the list, I have checked op the quality of cleaning work among other features to list for you the best products here.

Top 10 Best Automatic Vacuum for Intex above Ground Pool 2020

1. XtremepowerUS 75037 Automatic Suction Vacuum

XtremepowerUS 75037 Automatic Suction VacuumThe XtremepowerUS Deluxe Automatic pool cleaner is a robust suction vacuum design to handle all the pool cleaning while inserting minimal pressure. That makes it ideal for the soft-sided Intex above ground pool.

It’s able to clean thoroughly and gently using its soft, thickened plated seal. It does a great job of cleaning dirt, leaves, bugs, pebbles, short twigs, and other debris. It connects to the existing pool filtration system, and act as a moving drain which moves water through the filtration system in a shorter period.

That allows it to keep your pool clean while also improving the life span of your pool filter. Its simple construction ensures it doesn’t have any moving parts or wheels, meaning there’s no jamming, breaking, or otherwise. It’s a model that delivers automatic and uninterrupted pool vacuuming.


  • Simple Eco-Friendly and smart Design
  • High efficiency and low maintenance
  • Durable Silicone ripple cleaner
  • Great Energy Saver


  • Needs little supervision

2. Intex Automatic Pool Cleaner

Intex Automatic Pool Cleaner – for Above Ground PoolsIt is a useful automatic pool cleaner which works very well for above ground Intex pools. I was after the best automatic vacuum for Intex above ground pool which can clean the pool while I’m busy somewhere else.

It is effortless for me to get the job done after buying the pool cleaner. It requires a filter pump to get the job done. I had to research and locate the best filter pump. The work of cleaning the pool has been made very easy for me now.

With a flow rate of up to 15,140 liters per hour, it is a powerful pool cleaner which makes my work easy. I highly recommend the pool cleaner due to its excellent design. With automatic reversing features, it moves to different parts of my pool where the cleaning process is correctly done. A 24 feet hose attaches easily to the cleaner to assure me the best results.


  • Quick cleaning results
  • Automatically reverses
  • The hose attaches to pool inlet
  • Quality pool cleaning


  • Requires a booster pump

3. INTEX 3000 GPH above Ground Pool

INTEX 3000 GPH – Pool Sand Pump VacuumIt is an effective above ground pool cleaner which performs very well. After trying the pool cleaner for about a year now, it is a highly effective pool cleaner that works very well. I was careful to research the pool cleaners before I decided to list the unit here.

It is an automatic pool cleaner that has been designed to guarantee the best results when cleaning Intex pools. Six function controls allow for easy maintenance of the filters. I can apply rinse, backwash, filtering, drain, and close system. Value for money is guaranteed due to the grand design of the system.

It is an effective pool cleaner that can reach up to 3,000 gallons of water each hour. The above ground pool cleaner is highly effective in removing debris from the water. With a 16-foot diameter pool, it works very well. It assures me the highest level of convenience when working on different surfaces.


  • Six function control
  • 3,000 gallons of water per hour
  • Highly effective
  • Quick cleaning


  • Only for small pools

4. Zodiac Baracuda G3 W03000 Automatic Pool Cleaner

Zodiac BARACUDA G3 W03000 – Advanced Suction Side Automatic Pool CleanerAnother best automatic vacuum for Intex above-ground pool is the top-performing Zodiac Baracuda G3. It comes as an advanced suction side automatic designed to provide you with quiet, mighty pool cleaning power.

It’s an automatic pool vacuum that cleans the floor, walls, and also the steps to ensure you get a super clean swimming pool. On top of that, it devours small and even medium-sized debris without any trouble.

The unit is also designed to be compatible with all pump speeds to deliver maximum cleaning efficiency. The vacuum cleaner is also fitted with a FlowKeeper Valve, which is intended to regulate the water flow automatically. The regulation allows it to maintain peak cleaning performance even when using the low-speed pump.


  • Patented Quick-Release Cassette
  • Simplified routine maintenance
  • One-moving-part-technology
  • Automatic FlowKeeper Valve
  • Wheel Deflector Navigating
  • Convenient Installation
  • Premium Efficiency


  • Assembly can be confusing for some

5. Intex Automatic Above-Ground Swimming Pool Vacuum

Intex Automatic Above Ground Swimming Pool VacuumThe swimming pool cleaner comes with an automatic skimmer. It is an effective skimmer which offers the best results when cleaning different surfaces. I love the fact that it is highly effective in cleaning above ground pools.

I was careful to pick a pool cleaner which can clean the floor automatically. The pool cleaner has a unique design which makes it highly effective when cleaning the swimming pool floor. There is no worry of strenuous exercises. I enjoy the fact that the pool cleaner has been carefully designed to save on time.

I apply it to the swimming pool, and it performs the work when I’m relaxed. The general design of the pool makes it easy to use. I quickly attach it to the pool outlet to realize the best results. The pool cleaner is among my top picks due to its excellent design.


  • Automatic pool cleaner
  • Vacuums entire floor
  • Easy to use
  • Highly durable


  • No scheduling

6. Hayward RC9740CUB SharkVac Robotic Cleaner

Hayward W3RC9740CUB SharkVac Robotic Pool VacuumMy next automatic vacuum is the Hayward SharkVac robotic pool cleaner. It durable, robust, and reliable pool cleaner designed to keep your swimming pool crystal clean. It’s made from high-quality components and technology designed to create stable and consistent results as it maximizes energy efficiency.

The vacuum cleaner cleans the floors, walls, waterline, and also the pool coves. It’s robust, and low-profile design gives it an added advantage. What’s more, it does us smart steering technology to ensure it delivers a complete and efficient cleaning pattern. It does also comes with top, easy-access filters that collect the debris and dirt before getting to your filter system.


  • Quick debris removal and easy cleanup
  • Two fine porosity filter elements
  • Smart steering technology
  • Top-access cartridge filter
  • Efficient cleaning pattern


  • Not great at cleaning coves

7. Intex Automatic Above-Ground Pool Vacuum

Intex Automatic Above Ground 3500 GPH Pool Vacuum with Pool Skimmer NetI love the pool cleaner because it comes with a free skimmer net. Large debris can be removed with the help of the skimmer net. I had to check on several features on the pool cleaner before listing it among my best automatic vacuum for Intex above ground pool.

For example, it has a large capacity motor which makes it very easy to clean large pools. Since I bought the pool cleaner, it has made the process of cleaning my Intex pool very easy. It is among few pol cleaners which I highly recommend to anybody looking to realize the best results.

It cleans the entire floor very fast. Each time my kids enter the pool finds it very enjoyable. With 1.5-inch hose fitting, it is an excellent addition to my pool tools. The setup is straightforward to accomplish.


  • Automatic pool vacuum
  • Vacuums entire floor
  • For Intex pools
  • Easy to attach to the outlet


  • Only 3,500 GPH

8. Intex 2500 GPH above Ground Pool Vacuum

Intex 2500 GPH Filter Cartridge Pump with Timer Automatic Above Ground Pool VacuumIt is a highly reliable Intex pool cleaner that comes with a cartridge pump. The cartridge pump is highly durable to assure me of the highest performance. I highly recommend the pool cleaner due to its great design. The natural set of tools provided makes it easy to get the pool cleaner started.

It does not matter the shape of pools where I’m supposed to clean. The automatic pool cleaner comes with different features which make it highly effective when cleaning different shapes of pools. I highly recommend the pool cleaner to anybody looking to realize the best results.

With a pump flow rate of 2.500 gallons, it is a highly reliable pool cleaner I can recommend to anybody to realize the best results. Safety features such as the ground floor circuit interrupter make the unit very safe. I apply it to clean my family pool, and I had to carry out due diligence. The different features incorporated in the pool cleaner makes it among my top picks. It employs the latest safety features to make it highly durable.


  • Durable cartridge pump
  • For all pool shapes
  • Ground fault interrupter
  • Safe design


  • Only 2,500 gal pump flow rate

9. VIVOHOME Automatic Pool Sweeper Vacuum Cleaner

VIVOHOME Automatic Inground Above Ground Suction Swimming Pool Sweeper Vacuum CleanerIf you need a practical tool to help clean your Intex above ground pool, then VivoHome Automatic Sweeper Vacuum is a choice for you. It comes as a suction-side pool cleaner designed for both in-ground and above-ground pools. It offers a perfect solution pool cleaning, with a quick connection to your existing pool filtration system.

The vacuum features a high-quality ABS construction for its main body, and its hoses are PVC-made. The crafting makes it durable and scuff-resistant. It’s soft, thickened and pleated seal allows it to deliver thorough cleaning while also staying gentle. It’s quite easy to install as there are no tools required for the connections; it assembles in minutes.


  • Bonus quick-wear replacement diaphragm
  • An automatic pool cleaning system
  • Continuous peak performance
  • Automatic regulator valve
  • Speed regulator


  • Challenging to put together

10. Intex 3000 GPH above Ground Pool

Intex 3000 GPH Above Ground Pool Sand Filter Pump and Automatic Pool VacuumThe pool cleaner performs very well. I had to include it among my best automatic vacuum for Intex above ground pool due to features such as its fast-acting. The pool cleaner works very fast to guarantee me the best results within a short period.

With the automatic design, it allows me to relax as the pool is being cleaned. Sand filter pump makes it very reliable when cleaning different surfaces of the pool.

With easy to use design, it has allowed me to maintain a high level of cleanness in my Intex pool. The brushes are gentle to avoid damage to the surfaces of the Intex pool. My family members are now happy to enter the pool.


  • Easy to use
  • Works automatically
  • Saves money
  • Fast cleaning


  • For Intex pools only

Buying Guide:

Not all vacuum can work on the Intex pools. The surfaces of the pools are not very strong as compared to concrete surfaces. You need to use an automatic pool cleaner with soft brushes that cannot interfere with the surface of the Intex pools. Here are some of the features you need to take into consideration before buying the Intex pool cleaners:

Cleaning rate

You would like to have an automatic pool cleaner that can perform the job fast. Check on the flow rate and ensure it is high enough to handle the cleaning services fast. An automatic vacuum with a high flow rate can save you time.


You need a highly durable pool cleaner to serve you for long. Check on the features available on the pool cleaner before you can buy it. It is economical on your side if you can buy a highly durable pool cleaner.

Read the best automatic vacuum for Intex above ground pool reviews.

It is easy to know more about the quality of the cleaning services performed by a given mechanical pool model after you check on the reviews. Past customers will offer the right information about different brands.

Best Automatic Vacuum for Intex above Ground Pool (FAQs)

Is it necessary to buy a skimmer and the automatic pool cleaner for Intex pools?

You can work without a skimmer, but it is recommended because there is significant debris you can easily use a skimmer to get them out of the pools.

What is the best automatic vacuum for Intex above ground pool?

The best automatic pool cleaner for the Intex pools should have brushes that will not damage the Intex surfaces. Ensure the pool cleaner you have has explicit descriptions of cleaning the Intex pools.

Is it easy to clean Intex pools?

It is effortless provided you buy the best automatic vacuum for Intex above ground pool. The automated pools are designed to make the job easy for you.

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