5 Best Automatic Pool Cleaners For Leaves (In 2020)

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Best Automatic Pool Cleaner For LeavesIt is essential to buy the best automatic pool cleaner for leaves. Not all vacuum cleaners can remove leaves from your pool correctly. You need to compare the different brands of swimming pool cleaners available in the market from where you can make an informed decision.

They will pick the leaves automatically as they move over the surface of the pool. Having a pool near trees will be hard to clean. The trees will keep on shading leaves which will eventually end up in the pool. Letting the leaves stay in the pool for long can lead to leaf rot which will make the pool unpleasant to swim.

Ensure you make an effort to remove the leaves as soon as they fall into the pool. I have a pool which is located near trees. There was a time I was contemplating cutting the trees so that I can avoid the stress of having to clean the pool regularly.

Top Best Automatic Pool Cleaners for Leaves in 2020

I decided to buy the best automatic pool cleaner for leaves, and things have been very easy for me. It was not an easy process comparing the pool cleaners. After carrying out extensive research, I share my findings here so that I can make it easy for you to buy the best automatic pool cleaner for leaves.

1. Dolphin Nautilus – Automatic Robotic Cleaner

Dolphin Nautilus CC – Automatic Robotic Pool CleanerIt is an automatic pool cleaner which comes with two filter cartridges. I apply it to remove leaves from my pool, and it works very well. With the two scrubbing brushes, it cleans both the walls and the floor of the pool entirely. The tangle-free swivel cord makes it very efficient as it moves on the pool surface.

My pool is less than 50 feet deep, and the robotic pool cleaner has proved to be highly effective. It is a pool cleaner I highly recommend due to its great construction. It is easy to control the pool cleaner. With a one-button start, I can comfortably manage the movement of the pool cleaner.

The pool uses an advanced algorithm to clean the surfaces and the floors of the pool correctly. Since I bought the pool cleaner, it has made the process of cleaning my pool walls very easy. It comes in a unique design which makes it stand out. With eight times of energy saving, it is a reliable pool cleaner I can recommend to anybody to realize the best results.


  • Single-button control
  • Dual scrubbing brushes
  • Anti-tangling
  • Energy efficient


  • No random patterns

2. Solar Breeze NX2 – Automatic Pool Cleaner

Solar Breeze NX2 – Robotic Solar Pool Cleaner Save MoneyIt is among the best automatic pool cleaner for leaves that work very well. I rely on the robotic vacuum pool cleaner to remove up to 95%^ of debris from my pool. It is highly effective in removing surface debris as well as dust and leaves which may be scattered in the pool water.

I even use it to remove pollen grains from the pool so that I can enjoy swimming without fear of allergic reactions. The pool cleaner is built to be long-lasting, making it among my few devices I highly recommend.

It is highly effective in saving energy. Use of solar power eliminates the need to connect it to a power source. All the features you need to realize the best results when cleaning the pool have been incorporated. It is a reliable pool cleaner you can get in the market to achieve the best results. It easily navigates the pool to remove all hard to reach debris.


  • Removes 95% of the debris
  • Long-lasting
  • Solar-powered
  • High coaction capacity


  • Depends on sun

3. Hayward RC9990CUB TigerShark Pool Vacuum

Hayward RC9990CUB TigerShark Robotic Pool VacuumIt is a reliable pool cleaner which offers up to 90 minutes quick cleaning. I bought it for the residential ground pool where it offers the best services for up to 40 feet deep.

It runs separately from the pool filtration system which avoids incidences of backwash cycles. I do not require hoses or hookups. The cleaner comes with all features inbuilt for the quick pool cleaning process.

The unique cartridge filter makes it easy to empty the debris upon cleaning the surfaces. The motor sued saves on energy but delivers excellent results.


  • Easy to use
  • Unique cartridge
  • Efficient 24-volt motor
  • 90 minutes cleaning cycle


  • Only 40 feet deep pool

4. Dolphin Triton PS – Automatic Pool Cleaner

Dolphin Triton PS Automatic Robotic Pool CleanerIt is the best automatic pool cleaner for leaves which have been designed to assure me the best performance. The extra-large filter makes it very reliable in removing leaves from the surface of the pool. Superior scrubbing power makes it ideal for pools for up to 50 feet deep.

The extra-large top-loading filter basket is very useful in trapping leaves and other forms of dirt as it clean on the surface. There is no stress when cleaning the pool, and you only have to set it and relax. It works automatically in removing debris from your pool.

It is among the few pool cleaners you can use to achieve the best results. I was after a pool cleaner which is easy to use. Since I started using the pool cleaner, it has never let me down. It is lightweight and highly effective in cleaning the pool.


  • Superior scrubbing power
  • Energy efficient
  • Extra-large top-loading filter
  • Easy to use


  • Only a 2-year warranty

5. PAXCESS Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

PAXCESS Robotic Pool Cleaner with Wall Climing FunctionIt is among the best automatic pool cleaner for leaves. With wall climbing function, it is among my favorite pool cleaners. Large filter basket and the tangle-free cord make it highly effective in cleaning the pool for up to 50 feet deep.

I was after a pool cleaner which can assure me the best results on both the wall and floor. Automatic settings make it easy to operate the pool cleaner. I can set it as per my preferences, and it will carry out the perfect cleaning on its own.

It is among a few pool cleaners I highly recommend. Easy to clean filtration makes it easy to remove leaves and other debris from the pool surface.


  • Floor and wall cleaning
  • Automatic settings
  • Easy clean filtration
  • Easy to use


  • Only three automatic settings

Best Automatic Pool Cleaner For Leaves: Buying Guide

There are several factors to check out before buying an automatic pool cleaner. Here are some of the factors:

Depth of cleaning

The pool cleaners can reach different depths. Consider one which can cover the entire depth of your pool.

Energy efficiency

It is necessary to go for a pool cleaner which is energy efficient. It will help you save money in the long run.

Scrubbing power

The best pool to buy should have high scrubbing power to guarantee the best results.

Best automatic pool cleaner for leaves FAQs

Are automatic vacuums ideal for picking leaves?

Yes, the robotic vacuum cleaner can work well in picking leaves. Check whether they are designed to pick the leaves before buying.

Is the best automatic pool cleaner for leaves durable?

The robotic vacuum cleaners can last for up to five years, depending on your care.

How long should the best automatic pool cleaner for leaves run?

It should run until the whole swimming pool is clean.

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