10 Best Above Ground Pools [Updated for 2020]

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Best Above Ground PoolsMany admire having an in-ground pool in their backyard. But due to budget and space constrain this isn’t possible. Here is where its cousins – above ground pools come in. They are relatively cheaper compared to inground pools and also require less money to have it installed.


Unless you’re a good swimmer training to compete in an Olympic, then the best above ground pool can be a great way to cool your body while having fun. Selecting the best above ground pool would be your next dilemma if you choose to have one in your yard. The market will present you with a lot of the above pool models becoming a challenge for you to pick the best.

However, do not worry as I have prepared the review below to help you choose that one model which will serve you to the fullest. So read through and at the end, you will be able to select the best above ground pool that fits your needs best.

Top 10 Best Above Ground Pools in 2020

Brand & Product NameSizesAccs.Price
Intex - Ultra Frame Rectangular Pool Set32ft x 16ft X 52YesCheck Price
Blue Wave - NS48618ft x 52YesCheck Price
Steel Pro - Frame Pool Set12' X 30"YesCheck Price
Summer - Waves Pool10' X 30"YesCheck Price
Intex - Ultra Frame Pool Set18ft X 52YesCheck Price
Splash - Pools Oval Deluxe Pool30ft x 15ft x 52YesCheck Price
Heritage - TA 331852GP-DXP33ft x 18ft x 52YesCheck Price
SUMMER WAVES - Elite Wicker Print16' x 48"YesCheck Price
iPool - D Set8.5′ X 11.5′YesCheck Price
Intex - Metal Frame Pool Set18ft X 48YesCheck Price

1. Intex Ultra Frame Rectangular Pool Sand Filter Pump Ladder

The Intex Ultra frame rectangular pool comes a 32ft by 16ft by 52 inches set with sand filter, pump ladder, ground cloth, and a pool cover. The swimming pool uses HydroAeration technology which by mixing air with water, the process induces the iron and manganese oxidation and the result are improved water clarity.Intex-Ultra-Frame-Rectangular-Pool-with-Sand-Filter-Pump,-Ladder,-Ground-Cloth-and-Pool-Cover

The technology also increases the negative ions at the water surface improving the air freshness around the pool. HydroAeration technology also improved circulation and filtration.

When the air goes through the water in the above ground pools, fine particles clump together and settles at the pool bottom which makes it easier to remove the sediment through filtration. The Intex Ultra frame pool has been engineered for strength.

It is supported by a sturdy, durable steel frame that is powder coated to make them rust-resistant and give your pool an extra beauty. Connect the 2, 800 GPH (110 – 120V) Krystal clear sand filter pump and enjoy clear and sparkling water. Setting up the pool takes around 90 minutes.

The swimming pool also features a dual sanction outlet fitting which improves water circulation thus resulting in better hygiene and clarity. The water capacity of this pool when it is 90% full is around 14, 364 gallons, which is quite impressive. A set-up and maintenance DVD provides to help during the set-up process.


  • HydroAeration technology
  • A dual sanction outlet fitting
  • Easy lock system
  • 14, 364 gallons water capacity
  • Puncture resistant 3-PLY materials used
  • Sturdy, durable powder coated steel frame


  • The ladder is a bit unsteady
  • The surface needs to be flat for the frames to stand equally

2. Embassy Pool PARA100 4-1800 – Best above Ground Swimming Pool Review

If you’re searching for an above-ground circular pool that features a semi-permanent installation and a study alternative, then the Embassy Pool Co 4-1800 PARA100 is the best product. It is a well-designed pool built with sturdy and high-quality materials to make it durable.Embassy-Pool-PARA100-4-1800-Best-above-Ground-Swimming-Pool-Review

Its compact and circular design allows it to fit into a small yard. This above ground pools come with a rugged build and features a unique creamy tan color that looks very elegant. In addition to that, the sophisticated taupe-colored resin top connectors set it apart.

The Embassy Pool 4-1800 PARA100 measures 18ft in diameter and 54in tall making it an ideal swimming pool for adults who love exercising in the backyard. Before installation, you have to make sure that the ground is leveled correctly. That to the included easy-to-read manual, you will be able to set it up in an hour or two.


  • Sophisticated taupe-colored resin top connectors
  • 9″ wrap-around top rails and verticals
  • Rugged, baked enamel steel
  • Amazed bolt wall closure
  • Corrugated wall


  • Ground leveling is a requirement before setting up the pool
  • Quite expensive

3. Bestway Steel Pro Frame Pool Set – Included Filter Pump and Filter Cartridge

The Bestway Steel Pro Frame Pool Set is available as an above ground pool with a perfect size to fit in a small backyard. With a 12ft diameter and 30 inches tall, it’s an ideal swim pool for both adults and children. It comes with a triple PLY wall giving it the durability needed to pass the test of time.Bestway-Steel-Pro-Frame-Pool-Set-Included-Filter-Pump-and-Filter-Cartridge-Review

It has been constructed from powder-coated steel frames that are super rust-resistant. The assembling of this unit is quite easy. Its T-connectors and T-clips easily fit together and because the PVC flaps hide they do not detract from the overall pool look.

This above ground pools system also come with a flow control drain valve which connects to the garden hose making pool emptying a breeze. Do not be worried about the hygiene since the pool features a high-performance 330-gallon filter pump that keeps water running, clean and bright. Other than the pump, a ground cloth, an instructional manual and DVD, debris-cover, skimmer, and a ladder is provided during purchase.


  • It’s a 12ft diameter and 30in Height Metal Frame Pool
  • Durable, heavy-duty polyester 3-ply and PVC sidewalls
  • Easy to connect T-connectors and T-clips
  • Water capacity at 90%: 1,710gallons
  • Flow control drain valve


  • It can be challenging to locate the replacement filter cartridges
  • The skimmer is not inbuilt, so if left outdoors you will have to clean it

4. Summer Waves Metal Frame Pool – with Skimmer Plus Filter System

Are you searching for a colorful circular above ground pool which ideal for both adults and kids and can be installed in your small backyard? If Yes then Summer Waves 10’x30″Metal Frame Pool is the best choice. Stay cool this summer in the refreshing water entire family in this durable 10’x30″ Metal Frame pool.Summer-Waves-Metal-Frame-Pool-Skimmer-plus-filter-system-Reviewed by Globo Pool

It comes with a skimmer plus filter system which keeps the pool water clear and clean. The pool features 10’x30″ Metal Frame which not only gives it straight and supports but also making it last for years.

The durable rust-proof metal frame construction gives this above ground pools an excellent circular shape and gives it the support to hold water and the swimmers. Assembling the unit is a natural process. All you need is to snap on the joint. It doesn’t require any tools. The materials used to make the liner are durable 3-PLY puncture resistant. It accompanies a D Filter Cartridge with a pump.


  • Durable, rustproof metal frame construction
  • Durable 3-ply puncture-resistant material
  • Easy to assemble with snap-on joints-require no tools
  • 10’x30″ Metal Frame Pool
  • SFS350 Skimmer plus Filter System
  • Water capacity: 1, 194 gallons


  • Available in two sizes only
  • Requires a leveled floor

5. Intex Ultra Frame Pool Set – Includes Maintenance Kit & Volleyball Set Review

The XXXX is among the high end and sturdiest above pool offered by Intex. It’s supported by powder coated steel frames which are virtually unbreakable giving the unit frosting and cracking resistance. The coating also adds an elegant and luxurious look to the pool making it beautify your yard.Intex-Ultra-Frame-Pool-Set-Includes-Maintenance-Kit-&-Volleyball-Set-Review

Unlike other models that you all day to set up, this model set up process is simple. These above ground pools come with a setup manual and a DVD for easy installation and maintenance.

The dual suction outlet fitting featured on this model allows you to maintain water hygiene and keep the water clear. It also comes with a Krystal clear sand pump which is extremely quick and helps in getting the pool ready in less than 60 minutes.

The above ground pool capacity is 7,000 gallons making it the second-largest swim pool in my list, and that is why Intex includes a powerful 2,100GPH filter pump. The unit also accompanies a ladder, debris cover, deluxe maintenance kit, volleyball set, and a ground cloth.


  • Triple strong, super-tough laminated sidewalls
  • Super-Tough laminated PVC sidewalls
  • New dual suction outlet fittings
  • Water capacity at 90%: 6981 gallons
  • Includes: set-up manual and maintenance DVD


  • Set up can take a while
  • The ladder isn’t very sturdy
  • Require more maintenance

6. Splash Pools Oval Deluxe Pool – Above-Ground Family Pool Review

The best thing about above the ground pools is that they are pretty easy to use and install. Today, the 1st above the ground pool which we are discussing comes in 4 different sizes. The size which we are speaking about is 30’ x 15’. The height is 52 inches. Thus, there is plenty of space to move around.Splash-Pools-Oval-Deluxe-Pool-Above-Ground-Family-Pool-Review

It has a metal frame which ensures that it is highly durable as well. It is large enough for a family. This means that you can enjoy with your family members without any problem at all.

When you look at the frame, it is made from galvanized steel. It ensures that the wear and tear will not impact the structure at all. It comes along with a sturdy resin ladder. You can get in and out of the pool without any problem at all. The above the ground pool also comes along with the resin cover which means that you will be able to keep it covered when not in use.

A pump and motor are included which will help you in filling up the pool quite quickly. Also, in case you’re worried about installing, there is an installation video which is included. This will mean that you will have no problem at all when you buy this above the ground. All of these factors combined. Make it one of the best above ground pools which you can opt for.


  • The above the ground pool comes in 4 different sizes
  • The above the ground pool consists of the metal frame
  • It consists of the galvanized steel structure
  • It comes along with a resin cover
  • A ladder is included
  • The pool comes along with the pump and motor
  • The pool comes along with proper video instructions


  • The quality of the pump can be improved

7. Heritage TA 331852GP-DXP – Sand Filter & 1 Hp Motor Review

The pool which we are talking about has a size of 33’ x 18’ x 52’. The height of the lake is 52 inches. When you look at the structure, it is made from galvanized steel. The thickness of the galvanized steel is 7 inches. With the help of vinyl overlap liner, you can be sure that the wear and tear will be minimized as well.Heritage-TA-331852GP-DXP-Sand-Filter-&-1-Hp-Motor-Review

To get in and out of the above ground pools, there is a heavy-duty resin ladder which is included as well. This ensures that you can quickly get in and out of the pool without any problem.

There is a 19 inch of the sand filter which ensures that the water inside will remain free from contaminants. There is a one hp motor which is included. This means that you can fill up the hole quickly. Thus, if you’re looking for a ready to use the pool which can accommodate multiple members of your family, this is the one which you should opt for.


  • The above the ground pool is made from galvanized steel
  • The thickness of the galvanized steel is 7 inches
  • It comes along with the ladder
  • The pool also comes along with the sand filter
  • One hp motor is included
  • The pool is highly durable


  • The installation and assembly are not that easy

8. Summer Waves Above Ground Pool – With All Necessary Accessories

The pool is circular in nature. The diameter is 16 feet. The height is 48 inches above the ground. Since it is a circular pool, it is easier to maintain. There are three color options to choose from. This ensures that you can pick the one which you like the most easily.Summer-Waves-Above-Ground-Pool-With-All-Necessary-Accessories

When you look at the frame, you will realize that it is made from the heavy-duty metal frame. Thus, you can use it frequently without any wear and tear. This makes it much easier for you to use the pool. Also, there is a filter pump system which is included. It can filter and pump up to 1500 gallons of water.

The entire pool can be filled from scratch in just 45 minutes. This means that you will be able to use the pool in no time. At the same point in time, it consists of a pool cover as well. It has a ground cloth. To maintain the pool in proper condition, it comes along with the maintenance kit.

Thus, each and everything which you might need to maintain and use the pool is included. It is what makes it one of the best above ground pools which you can opt for.


  • It comes in 3 different colors
  • It has a diameter of 16 feet
  • Heavy-duty metal is used in the construction of this pool
  • It has a water capacity of 1500 gallons
  • The pool cover is included
  • It comes along with a maintenance kit


  • The packaging is not up to the mark

9. iPool D Set – Above ground Exercise Swimming Pool

In case, you’re looking for a smaller above the ground pool, and you can consider this option. The measurement is 7’ x 10’. The height is 45 inches. This ensures that even in a small space, you will be able to use this pool without any problem at all. It requires a footprint of just six m². As a result, indoor, as well as outdoor usage, is possible.iPool-D-Set-Above-ground-Exercise-Swimming-Pool

When you look at the structure, you will realize that it is made from galvanized steel body. Also, polyester weave liner is used as well. It is coated with vinyl. It makes it highly durable and easy to use. The pool can be easily set up within one hour.

With the help of dual tether system, there is no resistance in filling up the pool. You need to turn the knobs. There are no noisy motors involved. There is a lockable ladder which is included. It is made from stainless steel which is a definite advantage. Also, in case you want to heat the water, there is a 5.5 KW heater included. All the essentials like the repair kit and the floor sheet are included.

There is also a cover is included. Thus, if you’re looking for the complete set of pool accessories along with the heated pool, this is one of the best above ground pools which you can opt for.


  • It comes along with a repair kit
  • The water in the pool can be heated
  • It can be set up within one hour
  • It consists of a completely noiseless pump
  • The pool can be used indoors and outdoors
  • The structure is made from galvanized steel


  • The liner quality can be improved

10. Intex Metal Frame Large Pool – Included All Require Accessories

The above the ground pool which we are discussing now has a diameter of 18 feet. It comes in 3 different sizes in case, and you want to opt for a different size. The height is 48 inches. The advantage is that it consists of super-tough sidewalls. The sides are also triple strong. They are reinforced. It ensures that the pool will remain in its place without any problem at all.Intex-Metal-Frame-Large-Pool-Included-All-Require-Accessories

It can be assembled within 60 minutes. You will get a detailed DVD to set it up. The water capacity is 6423 gallons. Moreover, there is a debris cover which is included. In case, you want to use the ground cloth that is included as well. It consists of a pump which will work as a filtering device.

Thus, you can get clean water in the above ground pools without any problem. In case, you want to climb in, and out of the pool, a ladder included. Each and every instruction which you might require to use the pool like connecting it to the drain outlet is included.

With the help of the dual suction outlet, you can be sure that water circulation can be easily maintained. It can be erected on any hard surface. It can accommodate up to 8 people or even more. It is what makes it versatile. Thus, if you’re on the lookout for a large above the ground pool, then this is one of the best options.


  • The pool has a diameter of 18 feet
  • The pool comes in 3 different size variants
  • The pool consists of reinforced walls
  • It can be set up within 60 minutes
  • It comes along with a filter, ladder, ground cloth, and pool cover
  • All the instructions needed to use the pool are included in the DVD


  • The customer support is not up to the mark

What to Look for in a Best Above Ground Pool?

Top benefits of an above ground pool

An above-ground pool come with some huge advantages over in-ground pools. Here are some benefits you can enjoy when from your new above ground pool.

1) Portability and Storage

Best-Above-Ground-Swimming-Pool-for-Home-and-see-the-Portability-and-Storage-of-poolAbove ground pools are semi-permanent. You can change its position any time you feel like doing so. If you think that the current situation isn’t appropriate, you can disassemble it and assemble it anywhere but there. During the cold season, you can decide to drain it, allow it to dry and store it in a secure place for future use – during the warm season.

2) Quick set-up and hours of fun

When you receive the package, you can decide to open right away, assemble it, and start to fill it with water. And within no time your swimming pool will be ready. Once you install, you will love how you spend the summer afternoon relaxing and playing while keeping the kids busy.

3) Lower investment compared to an in-ground pool

The installation process of having a complete working in-ground pool might costs you thousands of dollar while setting up an above ground pool will just cost some hundred dollars, not near $200. Even though the pool won’t last compared to the in-ground, the cost of replacing and buying multiple other over the years will still be less than installing an in-ground pool.

4) Unique usages

Today, many people with pain and joint problems have found the above ground swimming pools to be a great place of recovering. They are ideal for water therapy for them. The shallow above ground pools has been used to safely retrain muscles and get strength back when recovering from an accident/injuries or severe illness like paralysis.

When you truly understand what you need, it will be easier for you to know the best above ground pool model that suits you well. Below are the points to remember when buying an above ground pool:

1) When is the best time to buy an above ground pool?

Pool prices change all over the year especially when they are less in demand. During winter and other cold seasons, you find that the rates are relatedly low and hike up when the summer and spring draw near. If you don’t have a problem storing opened boxes, then it is good you go shopping for an above ground pool when the prices are low. Remember to check the return policy just in case the pool has a defect.

2) What kind of above ground pool should you buy?

The pool industry has different types of above ground pools. There are two main types: 1) Simple set pools and 2) The Metal frame. The Metal frame pools are secure since they feature steel bars which support the Vinyl or the PVC inner liner and they can hold more water in different pool shapes. The set pools come with PVC walls or soft Vinyl with an inflatable band which lifts your pool wall when filled with water.

3) What pool shape do you need?

Above grounds pools are available in a different shape; Circle, Rectangle, Oval, or square-shaped. The pool shape can make a big difference depending on what you plan to use it for. Those who need a recreational pool can take any shaped pool, but for those looking for an exercising pool, they will need to go for the rectangular shape to have a good lap swimming.

4) What is the best brand to buy from?

I would recommend that you go for well-known brands like the INTEX or the BESTWAY. Well-known brands have a huge company which can handle any issues that might be associated with the pool quality. Also, with these brands, getting spare parts, heaters, filters, and other pool accessories is even more comfortable.

5) What pool size do you need?

To have a better answer to this question, you will need to figure out many people that will be using the pool at a go.

6) Is it easy to set up the pool?

If you are planning of getting to do the DIY set up, you will need to understand how easy it is to set up that pool before you buy it. It can be disappointing when you open the boxes only to realize that you cannot set it up.

7) How safe is the pool?

When searching for the pool that will suit you best, you will need to consider the other people, especially kids that will be using it too. Check the safety features and the height of the pool.

8) What materials were used to make the pool?

Take your time to understand the type of materials that have been used to make the pool you’ve selected. It will be quite disappointing spending your precious time patching up the swimming pool, draining water to fix it, using your valuable money to replace the broken pieces and ordering new parts. Ensure that the pool you pick is made of strong and durable materials which will last for years.

9) What does the package include?

What does the package include?Buying a pool itself can seem to be cheap, but when you buy a pool set, you will be getting all the necessary accessories like- metal frame, sand filter pump, ladder, ground cloth pool cover and etc to use in assembling it and using it as soon it arrives.

10) Where will you be placing the pool?

Before you buy the pool, it is crucial that you know where you will install it. You have to find the relatively flat ground and measure the area to understand how long or big the pool should be.

Where to buy an above ground pool

The best and easiest way to purchase a good above ground pool is to visit top known shopping stores like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Homedepot among others. You can also find them in a local store, but you won’t have as many selections as would have to buy online. Also, when you buy from online shops like Amazon, you’ll enjoy benefits like a coupon, discounts, best comparisons, warranties, and many more. It is vital that you read honest customer review about the product before buying.

Pool caring tips and its importance

Once you buy a pool and have it installed, the next thing is on how to clean it. For you to maintain an excellent healthy above ground pools environment, you will need to keep the water clean. That is done through water circulation and cleaning the pool sides and bottom.

Why is water circulation important?

Where-will-you-be-placing-the-pool and Why is water circulation important?

Pool water circulation system allows the water to flow in only one end, thus ensuring all the chemicals are distributed throughout the pool. A pool water circulation system consists of the swimming pool pump, skimmers, pool filter, drains and returns. All these parts work together to ensure the pool remains healthy.

How does water circulation work?

Typically, the water is drained out through the skimmers. Then the water goes through the skimmers basket, and here the large debris like leaves are removed. The water then passes through a filter removing anything that wasn’t caught on the skimmer basket. Depending on your pool type the water will be treated with chemicals before returning, and the result is clean, safe water in your pool.

How do you remove the gooey, leaves and slimy stuff which accumulate on the pool sides and bottom? Although the circulatory system cleans everything that floats on the water, it is unable to remove those that sink to the pool bottom. So what do you do? You use an automatic pool cleaner.

Best Above Ground Pools (FAQs)

1) Can the pool be delivered to my location?

If you buy from Amazon, their shipment delivery works all over the USA. However, for heavy items, you will need to work with a third-party shipping company since Amazon claims to have no ability to ship the heavy Items.

2) How can I fill in my above ground pool?

Once you have the pool installed, you can decide to use a home water source like a garden hose or hire a tanker truck and have enough water gallons delivered to fill your pool quickly.

3) What maintenance does this kind of pool require?

What maintenance does this kind of pool require?Above ground, pools require to be vacuumed once in a week, filtered to keep the water clean, and skimmed to get rid of the debris. The maintenance will differ with the type of chemical treatment you’re using.

4) What’s the best way to drain the pool?

Pool draining depends on whether it comes with an outlet. If it has an outlet, you can allow the water to flow out, or you can attach a hose pipe and direct the water where you need it to go. Another way is by using an electric pump or drain it manually using hosepipes to siphon the water out.

5) Is there a need to install a fence on an above ground pool?

The need for a fence depends a lot on the type of pool. Does it come with a removable ladder or does it have permanent stairs? Is it accessible to kids and pets? If it comes with a removable ladder, remove it. But if the stairs are unchanging, then you will need a fence. Also, if the above ground pools are accessible to children and pets, then it is better to have a fence installed.


If you’re considering installing an above ground pool, it’s crucial to make this big decision basing on your requirements and family needs. Use the above guide to have a smooth selection process. I hope I have been able to offer you excellent buying advice and recommendations to help you with the best above ground pools search.

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