6 Best Above Ground Pool Vacuums – [Updated in 2020]

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Best Above Ground Pool VacuumIt’s always healthy to maintain your swimming pool water clean and safe. However, that calls for the most challenging maintenance activity of all, keeping the pool free of grime, debris, and dirt. Today there are lots of tools to help do the cleaning.

One of them is the pool vacuum cleaner. A vacuum cleaner will help you suck out all the leaves, debris, dirt, and grime from your pool. With the technology advancement in pool cleaning, today you can buy a pool vacuum that operates hands-free and which require minimal supervision.

Depending on your budget and pool needs, it’s wise if you settle on a durable, high-power, and easy to use model. And the good news is, I have prepared this guide to facilitate your search for such a model.

Top 6 Best Above Ground Pool Vacuum for 2020

As I mentioned above, this guide will facilitate your search for the best above-ground vacuum cleaner to help you clean your swimming pool. For a start, I give you the top six models you can trust with your investment.

1. XtremepowerUS 75037 Pool Vacuum Cleaner

XtremepowerUS 75037 Automatic Suction VacuumMy first best above ground pool vacuum is the highly-rated, top-performing XtremepowerUS automatic suction vacuum. It’s designed to efficiently remove all the dirt, debris, leaves, pebbles, bugs and the short twigs from your above ground pool.

With this vacuum, you get to spend more time swimming and less cleaning. It comes with no wheels or gear making it free from jamming or breaking. But what makes it great?

Apart from deriver highly reliable cleaning performance, this model is also durable. It features a simple eco-friendly design with easy maintenance. It smartly navigates through the pool by itself, keeping you free for other tasks at hand.


  • High efficiency and low maintenance
  • Attaches to the existing filtration system
  • Gentle and Thorough Cleaning
  • Durable Eco-Friendly Design
  • Great Energy Saver


  • The suction power could be stronger

2. Zodiac Baracuda G3 W03000 Automatic Pool Cleaner

Zodiac BARACUDA G3 W03000 – Advanced Suction Side Automatic Pool CleanerNext is a Zodiac suction automatic pool cleaner, the Baracuda G3. It’s a superior pool vacuum cleaner designed to leave your pool walls, steps, and floor thoroughly cleaned. It removes all the dirt, bugs, debris, twigs, sand, leaves, and pebbles.

Similar to the XtremepowerUS cleaner above, this too has only one moving part, which eliminates jamming and braking. Another thing that makes it quite reliable is the compact, self-adjusting flow control valve which regulates the water flow automatically.

The control ensures optimal performance even with minimal horsepower pump. On top of that, there is a Flowkeeper which provides the pool surface skimming with a switch turn.


  • Scuff-resistant Long-Life Hoses
  • One-moving-part technology
  • Quiet and powerful suction
  • Switch Intelligent Design
  • Low-cost maintenance
  • Premium Efficiency
  • FlowKeeper Valve


  • Not ideal for tight spaces

3. Hayward 500 Aquabug Automatic Pool Cleaner

Hayward 500 Aquabug Suction Above Ground Pool CleanerNext in the list is the durable, high-performance Hayward 500 Aquabug Vacuum Cleaner. It comes as an automatic suction pool vacuum designed to help keep your above ground pool superbly clean. It’s quite easy and straightforward to assemble and install it.

The best part is, it allows you to clean your swimming pool effortlessly and quietly. With this vacuum cleaner, you will never be bugged by manual pool cleaning again thanks to its smooth, trouble-free operation.

Additionally, since it uses the existing pool filtration system, there is no extra energy consumption. It also helps in improving water circulation by acting as the main drain pulling water from the pool’s bottom as it moves. Installation is quite easy and straightforward.


  • Advanced, contoured head design
  • Unique turbine/gearing system
  • Constant balanced water flow
  • Programmed steering pattern
  • Deluxe bumper ring
  • Quiet operation


  • Booster pump required

4. Pentair K50600 Kreepy Krauly E-Z Vac

Pentair K50600 – Suction Side Above Ground Pool CleanerMy next best above ground vacuum cleaner for you is the Pentair Kreepy Krauly E-Z Vacuum. It comes as a suction above ground pool vacuum cleaner designed to keep your pool sparkling clean.

As an automatic pool vacuum, it offers superior cleaning power with remarkable convenience. It also allows you to spend minimal time on pool maintenance by vacuuming the entire pool automatically.

Above all, this model works great on any above ground pool, dished-out or flat bottom, oval, or round. Additionally, it features a single moving part which ensures minimal maintenance and years of reliable service. Since the pool’s pump and filter powers it, it does not incur extra energy costs.


  • True random pattern coverage
  • One operational moving part
  • Optimum vacuuming power
  • Superior hydraulic design
  • Free skimming valve
  • Dependable service


  • Its suctioning power could be stronger

5. Dolphin Escape Robotic Pool Cleaner

Dolphin Escape – Best Robotic Above Ground Pool CleanerNext up is the Escape robotic pool cleaner which uses groundbreaking technology to make sure your above ground pool is cleaned to a whole new level. As a robotic cleaner, it’s fitted with Escape’s low voltage DC motors which operate on around 90% less power.

Additionally, it uses active scrubbing brushes to ensure your pool surfaces are superbly cleaned. Furthermore, this robotic vacuum takes a radical departure from a conventional when that feature continuous rubber tracks. With these tracks, there is no more slipping but high energy efficiency.

Above this, the model uses smart navigation and scanning system which uses advanced algorithms for efficient pool cleaning. It huge filter cartridge carries a lot of debris requiring less emptying.


  • Hyperbrush Active Scrubbing brush
  • SmartNav 2.0 Robotic scanning
  • Hypergrip Continuous Tracks
  • Optimized cleaning patterns
  • Energy Efficient DC motors
  • Oversized debris cartridge
  • Sleek design


  • Not great with pool steps

6. Hayward RC9740CUB SharkVac Cleaner

Hayward RC9740CUB SharkVac Robotic Pool CleanerI end the list with the high-power Hayward RC9740CUB SharkVac Robotic Pool Vacuum. It’s a durable, reliable robotic cleaner built with high-quality components. It also utilizes advanced technology which creates a consistent and dependable result while also optimizing energy efficiency.

Its tough, low-profile design allows it to hand all the surface in an above ground pool. The fact that it uses smart steering technology allows it to provide efficient cleaning pattern while also scrubbing pool coves and floors in a short time.

Its rubberized wheels ensure it has added traction to handle pool floor well. Additionally, its massive top-accessing filter cartridge allows the cleaner to clean peacefully without frequent emptying.


  • Smart steering technology
  • Top-access cartridge filter
  • Efficient cleaning pattern
  • Quick debris removal
  • Runs separately
  • Easy cleanup


  • Cleans pool floor only

Best Above-Ground Pool Vacuum Buying Guide

Pool cleaning is the first step to having a healthy swimming pool. That means you need to make sure you buy the right pool vacuum if you want to have easy pool cleaning and keep your swimming pool safe and clean. Here are some pointers to facilitate your search for the best above-ground pool vacuum.

Pool vacuum type

While making your selection, you have to remember there is a manual pool vacuum and an automatic pool vacuum. A manual type requires your guiding in cleaning the pool while the automatic one navigates itself while cleaning. The manual model is cheaper and ideal for starters. The auto kind, on the other hand, is much high on the price and ideal for those large pools.

Additionally, pool vacuum can either be a suction-side, pressure-side, or robotic vacuum. The suction-side vacuum cleaner uses the pool filtration system to suck out the dirt and debris inside the pool while also circulating the water.

With this type of vacuum cleaner, no extra energy consumption since it relies on the existing filtration line. The pressure-side vacuum cleaner, on the other hand, use the water flow pressure to navigate through the pool while sucking out any dirt and debris inside the pool. It’s quite similar to the suction side vacuum cleaner.

Lastly, the robotic cleaner, an all-in-one machine, comes packed with everything needed to clean a swimming pool. It has the filter cartridge, brushes, and even a navigation system. It’s the easiest and efficient to use. However, it’s quite expensive.


Remember, the cleaner will be working under chemically treated water. So, when making your selection, do not forget to check on the materials used in the construction. A good vacuum cleaner needs to feature high-quality, rust-proof, and corrosion-resistant materials.

Ease of Use

Many people forget to check how easy it is to run a vacuum cleaner before buying and end up searching for tutorials. You don’t have to buy an expensive model that you cannot operate. Buy something you feel confident to use. You need to make sure the model you invest in won’t cost you more hiring a tutor to teach you how to operate.


While doing all the sampling, you also need to check on the maintenance. You need a model with a large filter bag or a large cartridge to reduce emptying frequency. Also, while checking on that, do check on the moving parts which might need replacement soon after use, or can cause jamming and pick a model with less.

Above Ground Pool Vacuums Questions & Answers

How often do I have to vacuum my pool?

That depends on the pool frequency of use and the amount of debris that gets inside the pool. With a typical summer usage, you need to clean it once in 2-3 weeks.

What should you do if your pool vacuum is not working?

If your pool vacuum is faulty or isn’t switching on, make sure you switch it off and unplug it. Next, contact a professional before trying anything. You must never try to open up the pool vacuum but let a professional handle it accordingly.


There you go, everything you need to buy the best above ground pool vacuum. The shopping guide will help you find a model that meets all your needs, even if it’s outside my list. As you do the shopping, buy a pool vacuum ideal for your pool size, shape, depth and also budget. Pick from a well reputable brand with reliable customer support for in case you face any problem. Good Luck!

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