6 Best Above Ground Pool Vacuums for Sand (Reviews) in 2020

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Best Above Ground Pool Vacuums for Sand ReviewsSand can get into your swimming pool due to strong winds. Fine particles of sand can accumulate in the swimming pool and pose the danger of clogging the drain lines. You need to ensure the sand is removed from the base of the swimming pool as soon as it enters.

Not all swimming pool cleaners can work well in removing the sand. Check on the size of the filters and the ability of the swimming pool vacuum cleaner to enter the swimming pool and sink to the floor where the sand will collect.

I have a swimming pool and the issue of sand has been disturbing me for long. Here I’m going to reveal to you top products you can get in the market to realize excellent performance:

6 Best above Ground Pool Vacuum for Sand in 2020

1. Poolvergnuegen W3PVS40GST Pool Cleaner

Hayward W3PVS40GST Poolvergnuegen Pool CleanerThe pool cleaner comes with four-wheel drive, which makes it highly reliable in removing the debris from the sand. With its four-wheel drive and robust system, it is an effective pol cleaner that works very well in removing sand from large pools.

It works very fast to remove the sand, which makes it stand out from the rest. I enjoy the fact that it delivers maximum power at any given flow. Tire treads are highly enhanced to make it easy when climbing the obstacles.

An adjustable roller skirt optimizes the suction. The pool vacuum works very well to remove debris even I uneven surfaces. It is a pool cleaner which has transformed the way I clean the swimming pool. Multiple pre-programmed internal steering makes it very reliable when cleaning the swimming pool. My pool has been free from sand after buying the pool vacuum cleaner.


  • Four-wheel drive
  • Self-adjusting turbine
  • Patented tire treads
  • Preprogrammed internal steering


  • Not energy efficient

2. Solar Breeze Automatic Pool Cleaner

Solar Breeze NX Automatic Solar Powered Pool Cleaner Cleaning RobotI was looking for a pool cleaner, which can guarantee me the best results and save on energy. The solar-powered robotic pool cleaner has served me very well. It is among the few pool cleaners which have been designed to assure me the best results. I do not have to worry about how to start controlling the swimming pool cleaner.

It works automatically to clean the swimming pool. Its versatile design makes it perfect in removing sand, leaves, bacteria, and even pollen. The batteries are solar powered but highly durable. I love the fact that it is a long-lasting unit that offers the best results.

The collection capacity is large enough to allow me to collect all the sand from the pool. The fact that it is solar-powered makes it very reliable. Since I bought the pool cleaner, it has helped me a lot to save on energy. The process of cleaning the swimming pool is efficient when I’m busy somewhere else.


  • Long-lasting
  • Solar-powered
  • Large capacity
  • Highly durable


  • Moderate suction

3. Dolphin E10 Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

Dolphin E10 – Automatic Robotic Pool CleanerIt is an effective swimming pool vacuum which works very well for my above ground swimming pool. The top-loading filter basket makes it highly effective in removing sand from the pool. My pool has a depth of 30 feet, and the swimming pool cleaner works very well in removing the debris.

It is a highly reliable swimming pool cleaner, which I highly recommend due to its remarkable design. Lightweight construction makes it easy to carry around. CleverClean technology makes it very stable when cleaning on different surfaces.

The easy access filter basket makes it very reliable. Brushes are handy in brushing away the dirt. Each time I apply it to remove dirt, it performs very well. It is among the few products which I highly recommend. I can’t regret buying the swimming pool cleaner. It is eight times more energy-efficient than ordinary pool cleaners. I find it very easy to operate.


  • Easy to use
  • Energy efficient
  • Top loading filter
  • Fast cleaning


  • Only a 2-year warranty

4. Hayward W3RC9740CUB Pool Cleaner

Hayward W3RC9740CUB SharkVac Robotic Pool VacuumThe Hayward pool cleaner has been of great help to me. My swimming pool used to be full of sand, but the issue is now fully solved. The swimming pool cleaner has been designed to offer the best results each time I apply it. There are no extra hoses required.

The automatic pool cleaner works on its own to remove the sand. I do not even need additional pumps; the pool cleaner has been carefully designed to assure me the best results each time to apply it to clean the swimming pool.

It requires two fine porosity filters, which are very useful in catching the sand. The maintenance process is straightforward. In my case, I rinse with water from a garden hose, and it is ready for more sessions. The unit comes with fully assembled, which makes it easy for me to get started. Value for money is realized due to the grand design of the pool cleaner. I highly recommend it. Each time I apply it, it offers me the best results.


  • No extra hoses required
  • Fine porosity filter elements
  • Easy to maintain
  • Highly durable


  • Not solar powered

5. SolaSkimmer Automatic Pool Cleaner

SolaSkimmer Automatic Pool CleanerIt is an automatic pool cleaner that offers the best services. The pool cleaner comes with solar-powered cells that save on energy. I apply it to remove sand, leaves, and other debris common in pools. The cleaner works very well in discarding trash from both in-ground as well as above ground pools.

It uses infrared sensors to detect debris and corners. It is a pool cleaner, which I highly recommend due to its excellent design. I can’t regret buying the pool cleaner due to the use of the latest technology, which makes it stand out.

It works automatically in hunting down both large and small debris. Up to 8 hours run time makes the pool cleaner among my top picks. There are no cords that avoid cases where the pool cleaner can get stuck.


  • Solar-powered
  • Energy efficient
  • Automatic
  • Fast cleaning


  • 8 hours run time

6. Topmart Suction Pool Cleaner

Topmart Suction Pool CleanerIt is a powerful pool cleaner, which has worked very well to guarantee the best performance. I do not have to worry about how to remove fine sand particles from the pool. The cleaner comes with a unique design, which makes it highly effective when it comes to removing the sand particles.

It is easy to use and works very fast. High efficient cleaning mechanism makes the pool cleaner stand out. I highly recommend it. The cost-efficient design makes it among my top pool cleaners. The different parts used are of the highest quality, which makes the pool cleaner stand out. I highly recommend it due to its excellent design.


  • Easy to set up
  • Cost-efficient
  • Universal suction
  • High quality


  • Requires assembly

Best Above Ground Pool Vacuum for Sand Buying Guide

There are several factors to check out before you proceed to buy a pool vacuum to remove sand. First, the pool cleaner should have fine filters that can catch the sand. You should as well check on the ease at which you can use the pool cleaner. Here are some of the factors to check out:


Check on the power consumption, among other cost-related issues, before you can buy the pool cleaner. It is necessary to obtain a pool cleaner, which is highly effective in removing the sand at an affordable cost.

Easy to use

There are some pool vacuum cleaners which will require some form of assembly before you can sue them. It is necessary to consider a pool cleaner that comes when fully assembled, or it will require minimal assembly.

Fast cleaning

You need to save time when cleaning the swimming pool. Take time to check on the general design of the swimming pool cleaner before buying. It is advisable to go for a pool cleaner which can reach fast speeds to save you time.

Best above ground pool vacuum for sand FAQs

Are automatic pool cleaners suitable for sand?

Yes, provided the filters are small, you can apply them to clean sand. Ensure the pool has been designed to catch small debris before you can proceed to buy it. The best pool cleaner will offer you the best results. They make the process very easy.

How can I remove sand from my swimming pool?

You can remove the sand through the application of the pool cleaners. An automatic pool cleaner with infrared technology can locate the sand and suck it out. It will save you on time. The process is straightforward, provided you have the right tools. Invest in the best pool cleaners for sand, and you will find it very easy.

What is the danger of leaving sand in the swimming pool?

It will make the swimming pool unpleasant. Too much accumulation of sand can clog the swimming pool pumps and filters. You need to remove it as soon as possible to avoid any form of complication.

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