12 Best Above Ground Pool Liners Reviewed in 2020

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If you own an above swimming pool, you will need to have a pool liner as they come in handy in a lot of ways. The best above ground pool liners have been made to ensure that your pool does not leak, improving the aesthetics, prevents the growth of algae, keeping the water cold, assist the pool to withstand harsh weather cracking and lastly, but not least, providing a non-slippery surface.Best-Above-Ground-Pool-Liners - Globo Pool

An excellent looking pool liner will bring a new look to your pool which makes it more inviting. You can go for a beaded, overlap or overlap-extended liner. Also, you need to choose a smooth, beautiful, comfortable, pleasant, durable and thick to feel liner if you need to have years of service.

Best above ground pool liners shopping can be challenging and overwhelming to many especially if it’s their first time. The market presents a lot of brands, types, and models that will be hard to differentiate from the best and the worst.

But do not worry as I have prepared the Best above ground pool liners review to help get that one model that will suit your pool needs best. Read through and I hope at the end, you will have found a suitable model for your above ground pool.

12 Best Above Ground Pool Liners For 2020

Brand & NameGaugeShapePrice
Smartline - Bedrock 24 Foot30OverlapCheck Price
In The Swim - Above Ground Pool Liner20Round OverlapCheck Price
Smartline 15-Foot Round Waves25RoundCheck Price
Findlay Vinyl 12 Foot Riptide Liner38RectangleCheck Price
Wilbar Impressions 15 Foot25OvalCheck Price
Harris 21' Above Ground Pool Liner25Round OverlapCheck Price
Smartline Boulder Swirl25OvalCheck Price
Quality Pool Products - Coping Strips38RoundCheck Price
Smartline - Stone Harbor25RoundCheck Price
Smartline Crystal Tile 27-Foot25RoundCheck Price
Wilbar International - Wilbar Meadows Reprieve25RoundCheck Price

1. Smartline Bedrock 24ft – Round Liner | Overlap Style

Smartline-Bedrock-24ft-Round-Liner-Overlap-StyleIf you’re searching for the best above ground pool liner for a first-time installation or replacing an existing liner on your round above ground pool, then Smartline Bedrock round liner is your ideal choice. The pool liner provides durability while strengthening the pool. It comes in size of 24ft diameter and 48-to-52 inches in wall height.

It is typically designed for steel sided above-ground swimming pool. The liner can withstand chemicals, abrasion and UV fading as it uses Lamiclear Technology. Its layers are made of acrylic top coat, 100% Virgin Vinyl base, and UV resistant print layer.

The material is then nicely welded and cut to give a flawless finish and fit. The Bedrock pool liner brings a pretty pleasing pattern that will provide you with glistering water.

Experience the visual of seashells and pebbles at your feet when you install this model. It is covered with a 20-year limited warranty which protects it against defects in its material and craft.


  • Acrylic top coat
  • 100% Virgin Vinyl base
  • UV resistant print layer
  • Lamiclear Technology
  • Seashells and pebbles visuals
  • 20 years limited warranty


  • Expensive
    Coping strips not included

2. In The Swim 24ft – BestbAbove Ground Pool Liner

In The Swim Boulder, Swirl Round Overlap is one of the best-designed above ground pool liners on the market today. It brings excellent performance that you need, and with its double-welded seams, its service will last for decades. It comes with an eye-catching style that will motivate you in spending time in your pool.In-The-Swim-24ft-BestbAbove-Ground-Pool-Liner

The pool liner is made from premium virgin vinyl, and 100% sun protected so swim worry-free knowing that harmful UV rays won’t damage it. Also, the materials used prevents the model from fading or ripping off.

It’s available in different sizes: 12, 18, 24, 28, and 30ft round and 48 to 52 inches wall height. The liner comes with a pad that prevents grass, sand, or rocks from entering your pool. Its installation is an easy DIY process, no need to call for professional help. It is covered with a 15-year warranty which covers it against material defects and artistry.


  • Made from 20 gauge premium virgin Vinyl
  • 100% UV protected
  • Double-welded seams
  • DIY easy installation required
  • 15-year warranty
  • For flat bottom pools of between 48in to 52in sidewalls


  • Hard to fold back
  • Allows wrinkles when being installed

3. Smartline 15ft – Round Waves of Poseidon Liner Review

It is yet another well-performing pool liner from a brand known at producing the best pool liners- The Smart Line. It is a 15ft round Poseidon pool liner that comes with an overlap style and designed for steel sided above ground swimming pools. It is ideal for first-time installation or when replacing an existing liner.Smartline-15ft-Round-Waves-of-Poseidon-Liner-Review

It provides durability while strengthening the bank. The pool liner will give your pool a pretty pleasing pattern which will make you enjoy your time in it. The interchanging navy and sky blues roll designs bring a beautiful wave of Poseidon print.

The Smartline pool liner is hand folded thus preventing permanent creasing and excessive wrinkling. The pool liner is made of premium 25 gauge Vinyl material which is also protected from UV rays thus increasing its durability and resisting ripping. The installing of this pool liner is quite easy.

Drape the overlap liners over the pool wall and when the bottom seam in near the cove, you can now secure the pool liner. Hold the pool liner in place using the included coping strips before placing the top rails back.


  • Made from 25 Gauge UV resistant Vinyl material
  • Designed for Steel Sided Above-Ground Swimming Pools
  • Vibrant border and tile pattern
  • 48-to-52-Inch Wall Height
  • Universal Gasket Included
  • Overlap Style


  • Difficult to align border due to being overlap
  • Some may find tile pattern “busy.”

4. Findlay Vinyl 12 Foot – Height Vinyl Riptide Liner Review

Findlay-Vinyl-12-Foot-Height-Vinyl-Riptide-Liner-ReviewIf you are looking for the best above ground pool liner that will bring an attractive design, then this Findlay Riptide Liner is the ideal choice. It will for sure inspire envy in your pool with a mixer of blues and whites. The liner is made from 100% Virgin Vinyl material and comes with a computer cut.

Its seams are lap welded to give a perfect fit and finish. The Lamiclear technology employed on this liner provides it with years of protection against UV fading, abrasion, and chemicals. The use of this three layers achieves that; UV resistant print layer, Virgin Vinyl base layer, and Acrylic top coat.

Use this Riptide liner to make your pool attractive while keeping it cold during the hot summer days. It comes with a 30-year limited warranty which protects it against any defect in material and craft.


  • 100% Virgin Vinyl material
  • UV resistant print layer
  • Virgin Vinyl base layer
  • 30-year limited warranty
  • Acrylic top coat
  • Lamiclear technology


  • Kayak specific
  • Expensive

5. Wilbar Impressions 15-Foot – Overlap Liner and Widemouth Skimmer Review

Wilbar Impression is an elegantly designed pool liner as it comes with a super strong steel wall with a hot dip galvanized for extra protection. Beneath the coating is the foldable 25 gauge vinyl material. Its copper bearing steel both its interior and exterior are resin coated providing excellent protection against rusting and offering exceptional durability.Wilbar-Impressions-15-Foot-Overlap-Liner-and-Widemouth-Skimmer-Review

The liner brings a beautiful bedrock pattern to your pool giving you beautiful glistering water with pebbles and seashells visuals at your feet. The Wilbar Impression liner material is hand folded preventing permanent creasing and too much wrinkling. You need to expose the vinyl material to the sunlight for more than an hour and for between 70-80 degrees to worm it to ensure it expands when you’re adding water.

Installation of the liner is quite easy as all its parts are specially made to fit a 15ft by a 30ft oval pool. The included interlocking rails and coping strips will fit tightly over the liner, and the pool wall top is locking this liner into place.


  • Made from 25 Gauge Vinyl material
  • Ideal for 15ft by 30ft Oval Above-Ground Swimming Pool
  • Resin Protected Steel-Sided Walls
  • Comes with Bundle with Bedrock Pattern
  • 48-Inch Height


  • Heavier than the other reviewed models
  • Installation is not DIY

6. Harris 21′ Boulder Swirl – Best Pool Liner Review

The Harris 21ft round overlap above ground pool liner is among the solid pool liners available today. It’s an overlap liner which is ideal for pools of between 48 inches to 58 inches wall height. It has been made from durable premium 20-gauge 100% virgin vinyl and comes with a Lamiclear technology to protect it from harmful UV ray.Harris-21′-Boulder-Swirl-Best-Pool-Liner-Review

The technology uses three layers to accomplish this namely: UV resistant print layer, Virgin Vinyl base layer, and Acrylic top coat. With the combination of the premium vinyl and the Lamiclear technology, you can swim worry-free as your pool liners come with Superior cold crack resistance.

It’s protected against ripping, UV rays while improving its durability. The pool liner comes with a boulder design at the top and plain blue color on the rest section making your pool more inviting. The product is cover by a 25-year warranty protecting it from material and artistry defects.


  • 25 Gauge vinyl with Double welded seams
  • Made for 48-52 inch pool walls
  • Superior cold-crack resistance
  • 21′ Round Overlap
  • 25-year warranty
  • Boulder Swirl


  • An extremely light liner

7. Smartline Boulder Swirl 18 Foot – Designed for Steel Sided Pool

Smartline-Boulder-Swirl-18-Foot-–-Designed-for-Steel-Sided-PoolThis fantastic product happens to be one of the best above ground pool liners on the market that offers many innovative features. Its overlap design helps to drape over the wall, and it can be held in position using coping strips. Make it a point to lay out the product in the sun for a minimum of 1 hour before installing it.

Also, take care that the air temperature is at least 70° while putting in. Moreover, ensure to measure the wall height before ordering the product. This pool liner will not be compatible with Intex or any other pop-up pools out there.

The size of the Smartline Oval Boulder Swirl Liner is 18’ x 33,’ and the wall height is 48 inches. Its shape is oval, and the material from which it is made is 100% virgin vinyl. The flexible liners are likewise free from impurities.


  • A pleasant and cute pattern
  • Hand-folded material helps to avoid wrinkling or creasing
  • Very simple to install
  • Coping strips help to hold this liner in position
  • Helps us to remain cool in the pool
  • The skimmer gasket will help to avoid corrosion of the wall


  • Not much overhang on the exterior of the pool
  • Can prove to be a bit costly

8. Coping Strips 24 Foot – Above Ground Pool Liners Reviews

Coping-Strips-24-Foot-Above-Ground-Pool-Liners-ReviewsThe coping strips need to be swapped every time the liner is replaced. It is imperative to get rid of the outdated and worn-out strips and substitute them with fresh ones. Otherwise, you might be required to cope with a short lifespan for your new pool liners.

The non-corrosive and plastic clips help to hold the liner in proper position on the wall of the pool before the top rail is reinstalled. Moreover, the manufacturer provides a lucrative warranty which will allow the user to purchase this product without any risk at all. The coping strips need to be replaced once you change the pool liner.



  • Presence of coping clips for holding the liner in position
  • Is available in black and white colors
  • Overlap pool liners – Setup assistant


  • Might not fit properly on a pool having round edges
  • Often fails to hold up the liner

9. Stone Harbor 24 Feet – Round Liner by Smartline

Stone-Harbor-24-Feet-Round-Liner-by-SmartlineThis product happens to be a standard bead as well as a J-hook. You need to just slip the bead over the pool wall while using as a J-hook. On the other hand, while using as a standard bead, you need to remove the hook portion at the score mark leaving simply the standard bead that is going to clip into the groove.

This pool liner is made from 100% virgin vinyl material and is likewise vulcanized. The material is RF vinyl welded along with seams which are lap welded. The Harbor 24-Feet liner is quite resilient and free from any impurity. Its size is 24 feet, and the wall height is 52 inches. It has a round shape as well. The material is hand folded so as to prevent wrinkling or creasing.


  • Cute and pleasant pattern
  • Extremely durable
  • Comparatively inexpensive
  • Is compatible with pools having flat bottoms
  • Helps to remain cool in the pool


  • No cons as such

10. Laguna 27-Feet – Round Liner by Smartline

The Laguna 27-Feet Round Liner functions as both a standard bead as well as a J-hook. You need to slip the bead over the pool wall to use it as a J-hook. On the other hand, the hook portion has to be removed at the score mark to use it as a standard bead. The product’s size is 27 feet, and the wall height happens to be 52 inches.Laguna-27-Feet-Round-Liner-by-Smartline

Moreover, it comes with a round shape. On top of this, 100% virgin vinyl has been used for its construction, and the liners are also vulcanized. The material is RF vinyl welded along with lap welded seams. You need to lay out the product in the sun for a minimum of 1 hour before installing it.

The air temperature must be at least 70° while putting in and make sure to measure the wall height before ordering the product. The liner is not compatible with Pop-Up pools. The material is folded to prevent wrinkling or creasing.


  • A pleasant and attractive pattern
  • Extremely durable
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Is compatible with pools having flat bottoms
  • Is incompatible with pop-up pools
  • Allows remaining cool in the pool


  • Might not always fit properly
  • Update liner separated at the seam might cause leakage

11. Wilbar International Meadows Reprieve 24-Feet – Widemouth Skimmer

It is arguably one of the best above ground pool liners right now and is known for its flexible and elegant design. Having a round shape in the pool is amazing for swimmers. This product comes with an extremely robust steel wall which is galvanized to provide protection.Wilbar-International-Meadows-Reprieve-24-Feet-–-Overlap-Liner-and-Widemouth-Skimmer

Moreover, the neutral gray shade helps to make it look more attractive in your backyard. These astounding virgin vinyl overlap pool liners have been designed to fit correctly on top of the pool wall and will not need any bead receiver. The presence of coping strips will help to hold this product in proper position.

The product comes with a wide mouth skimmer, a 25 gauge bedrock overlap pool liner, and coping strips for providing linear installation facilities. The pool size happens to be 24 feet, and the wall height is 52 inches.

It can hold approximately 14,000 gallons of water, and the top ledge width is 6 inches. While there are 16 verticals, the upright width is 5.25”. Last but not least, the manufacturer provides a lucrative warranty of 10 years.


  • Six inches steel top rails
  • Krystal Kote protection
  • Steel bottom plates and track
  • Interlocking steel top stabilizing bar
  • 52-inches high corrugated steel wall


  • The directions are not comprehensive
  • Does not include caps for the base of the poles
  • The liner appears to be excessively thin

12. Liner Armor – Peel and Stick Liner Cove

In most cases, the formation of the coves occurs at the intersection of the wall using dirt or sand and the bottom of the pool. The benefits offered by a cove is that it helps to extend the lifespan of the pool liner, thus helping to avoid any development of algae making the cleaning process much more convenient.Liner-Armor Best Above Ground Pool Liners

The drawback of employing dirt or sand to build the cove is that these are going to disperse in the long run after settling. This particular liner cove happens to be 48 bendable strips of resilient Ethafoam which is protected in segments to the pool wall’s floor.

Moreover, it comes with convenient notches within the strips that can snap into the track of the pool wall and thus help to fit appropriately. Made from innovative Ethafoam material that is bendable. The pool liner does not overhang from the pool wall.


  • The kit comes with 22 liner coves
  • It is possible to install the cove easily and quickly
  • Prevents any unwanted wear and tear to the liner


  • The adhesive strip at the back is of no use
  • Will only work if used with a new pool

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