6 Best Above Ground Pool Lights to (Buy In 2020)

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Swimming is one way of having fun, cooling the body and interacting with friends. However, for many this comes to an end during sundown. How would you feel to learn that there is a way to have that same swim during the night?


Today, there are above ground pool lights that makes it possible to swim during the night while also having a beautified experience. The illumination is high as it reduces a lot of risks while bringing a fantastic new look to your pool.

Many of these lights come with a color pattern which transforms your pool into a partying tub. And because the night swimming is a particular case, the act requires the best illumination. Where and how do you find the best above ground pool lights?

The above ground pool lights are available in different styles, types, models, and brand and this becomes a challenge when searching for the best. Many brands advertise that their models are the best and that can confuse you.

Top 6 Best Above Ground Pool Lights for 2020

It’s for that reason that I have come up with a list of top best Underwater, above ground pool lights accessible today, reviewed them and highlighted their features to ease your search.

Read through and get to know the model that will fit your pool lighting needs best.

Intex LED Pool Wall LightIntex110-120VCheck Price
Hitopin HP-LED4Hitopin-Check Price
Smartpool NL35 NiteLighterSmartpool12 VoltCheck Price
Pentair 98600000 2010Pentair12 VoltCheck Price
Intex 28687E Energy Efficient LEDIntex110 120Check Price
Roleadro Pool Led LightRoleadro12VCheck Price

1. Intex LED Pool Wall Light –  Above Ground Pools Only

Intex LED lights are exceptional pool wall light which operates at a safe voltage of between 100V and 120V and plugs with a 12V transformer and 23ft power cord.Intex LED Pool Wall Light – Above Ground Pools Only

They work perfectly on either of the pool sides. The lighting system comes with a back panel which sits on the outer side of the pool and the lighting housing which sits on the inner side of the swimming pool which connects to create beautiful light.

The two parts of this light connect through magnets, and the result is a bright light that consumes less electricity. The light casing is watertight and allows the light to float on water should it become dislodged. The power cord used connects to electricity meaning no batteries needed thus becoming more convenient.

It can be placed anywhere on your above ground pool to provide longer lasting illumination. However, you need to note that this light only works on swimming pools which do not have metal walls. It is also only applicable on above ground pools.


  • Magnetic Technology connecting its two back panels/units
  • Extra brightness and durable illumination
  • Convenient, do not use batteries
  • Low electricity usage
  • Built-in flotation case


  • Restricted to areas with electricity
  • Applicable only on vinyl liner pools

2. Hitopin HP-LED4 – Submersible LED Lights Review

The Hitopin HP-LED4 pool lights are submersible lights that come in pieces. Each light has four low voltage LEDs. The pool lights are fully submersible thus you can use them in your pool without worrying.Hitopin HP-LED4 – Submersible LED Lights Reviewd By Globo Pool

Use the lights to amaze your friends and neighbors by placing the lights in a vase. They are a perfect alternative to candles as they meet fire codes and the lights do not flick. The lights operate on batteries, and each light needs 3x AAA batteries which are not included.

Use the IR remote to select static colors, dimming the lights, ON/OFF, and changing dynamic chasing pattern. The lights have a lighting signal range of up to 10ft making it ideal for an aboveground pool lighting.

Hitopin HP-LED4 come with a sunflower design and feature a clear PC cover. The combination makes the lights attractive when light up. Thanks to its multicolor LEDs that are sufficiently remote controlled you will have that exciting swimming experience.

Each light comes with its own IR remote controller which operates on 1 x cr2025 button cell battery, and they are provided during purchase. With this remote, you can control the lighting mode and the brightness. And because lights are reusable, fully submersible, and wireless and waterproof, they are ideal for lighting up bowls, vases, or any other water-filled containers.


  • Reusable, submersible LED lights
  • Sunflower design, compact size, and the clear PC cover
  • Operated by 3 x AAA batteries (not included)
  • Controlled by IR remote
  • Material: Environmentally plastic
  • Lighting signal range: 10 ft.


  • 3x AAA required batteries not included
  • Short lighting signal length

3. Smartpool NL35 NiteLighter – Underwater Pools Light Control with Remote

Thinking of how you would transform your pool to have a perfect night time swim and pool party? It is now possible as installing the Smartpool NL35 NiteLighter Underwater Lights to your above ground pool will give all that and much more.Smartpool NL35 NiteLighter – Underwater Pools Light Control with Remote & Above ground pool lights

They are designed to be used underwater for long. The lights use halogen technology to light up the swimming pool so no need to buy many pieces for the same function. The lights connect to a 12V transformer which is included to give you light bright, beautiful pool lighting.

Smartpool NL35 NiteLighter 28-foot extra-long power cord allows you to connect it to a power source easily. The lights feature a chemical resistant lens and that guarantees years of excellent lighting. The LED bulbs on this lighting system meet all the UL and ETL standards, so rest assured that you’re using a safe product from Smartpool.

The installation of this light is a simple DIY process. Use the instruction manual provided to ensure it’s correctly mounted. The manufacturer covers this light with a 6-year limited warranty. The best part about this light is that they won’t interfere with a water filtration system.


  • Long-Life Halogen Technology
  • Uses 12 Volt Transformer
  • Certified by ETL and Tested to UL Standards
  • Comes with Chemical-Resistant Lens
  • Installation/Operation Manual included
  • 6-Month Warranty


  • No on/off switch
  • Its bulbs are not tightly fit

4. Pentair 98600000 2010 – Best Aboveground Light and Multi Color

The Pentair Convertible AquaLuminator pool light is a modern lighting system that uses the halogen technology to light up your above ground swimming pool. They are a revolutionary combination which gives out optimal performance and beautiful lighting.Pentair 98600000 2010 – Best Above ground Light and Multi Color

The lights fit perfectly with the pool return hole. Its water return system allows it to be used new or existing pools. The combination of the water return and the lighting systems brings out a beautiful efficient and convenient light unit.

The model features a hydro-optic technology which allows it to give you bright light while using minimal energy consumption. Its energy-efficient quartz comes with a rated life of 4,000 hours. The pool lights are available in three different models: AQL 500, 2010 convertible and Quasar Non-Return.

The AQL 500 lights provide 33% fewer lumens compared to the standard 2010 Convertible. The AQL 500 and Quasar Non-Return models do not support pressure cleaner adapter or fountain attachment. The lights are UL tested and approved and came with 25ft long plus two color lens for a beautiful and safe night swimming.


  • Above ground pool light with a water return fitting
  • Hydro-optic technology
  • 25-inch plug-in cord
  • Fountain attachment available
  • Deluxe retail packaging
  • UL listed


  • Poor packaging
  • Hard to turn lights on

5. Intex 28687E Energy Efficient LED – Magnetic Above Ground Pool Light Review

If you are searching for the excellent quality overhead pool lights, then your search ends with the Intex AG energy efficient LED magnetic Pool lights. They are sold as a pack of two Intex LED bright magnetic lights. The magnetic technology is not only easy to use but also safe.Intex 28687E Energy Efficient LED – Magnetic Above Ground Pool Light Review

The lights come with two compact sized panels which connect using magnets to give your pool that beautiful bright light. The pool lights float on the water making it easy to locate them if they dislodge.

Intex 28687E LED Magnetic Pool Lights are great in illumination range (24ft), and they can illuminate almost all above ground pools except those with metal walls. That is because the metal material will interfere with the magnetism effect that makes the lights to work.

The installation is straightforward; Place the light unit inside the pool and the lighting system transmitter on the outside of the swimming pool, and the magnetism effect will do the rest. The instruction manual is clear on how you can install, operate or replace the lights.


  • Magnetic LED pool light
  • Up to 24 feet illumination range
  • Includes light pool unit and a 110-120 volt power source transmitter
  • It uses magnetic technologies to create a light system


  • Used only on non-metal walled pools
  • The lights are sensitive

6. Roleadro Pool Led Light – Best Underwater Pool Led

If you’re searching for a way to add that beautiful and welcoming lights to your above ground pool, the Roleadro Pool LED Lights are an ideal choice. They came as a 47W pool lighting with multi-color remote control.Roleadro Pool Led Light – Best Underwater Pool Led

As a single light panel unit, it’s easy to install and use the light to illuminate your pool and have that beautiful and safe swimming experience. The LED panel on this light uses a combination of multiple colors to give the best lighting.

The lights use seven static modes, ten-speed levels, and five modes to ensure your pool get the best illumination. Use the remote controller to select a lighting mode that suits the event or your personality. The maker uses high-grade steel and high-quality silica to make the light body and in turn making it strong and durable.

They also come with super shinning LED chips which makes sure that the unit’s illumination is bright and uniform. They operate at a 12V/AC regulated voltage.


  • 47W RGB Swimming Pool Light
  • Multi Color Control with Remote Controller
  • 12V/AC Underwater Light Fixture
  • Waterproof IP68 rated
  • Seven static modes and five dynamic lighting modes
  • 10-speed levels for five dynamic modes


  • Electronic transformer not included

Best above Pool Lights Buying Guide | Buyers FAQ

It’s is not right to go blindly searching for the best high pool lights. There are some factors you need to consider and facts to understand. The guide below will help you get to know the specific things to understand and think before buying underwater above ground pool lights. Let’s get to it.

Why should you purchase above pool light?

Different people have different reasons to why they need an above ground pool. There are a number of this reason, and this guide will go through some significant reason to why you should buy underwater above ground pool lights.Underwater Pool Lights-min

1) Extending the use of your pool: Pool lights installation will all you to take advantage of the long summer evening and luxurious experience of a nighttime swim.

2) Enchanting effects: The underwater above ground pool lights creates a sparkling effect when turned on at night. The light effect enhances the pool beauty, mystery, and drama which you will love when chilling out on the pool.

3) Safety with increased visibility: Pool illumination makes it easy to monitor the swimmers especially the kids and the pets during a nighttime swim.

When is it a good time to buy a pool light?

Most of the time, product sellers tend to raise the prices when an item is on demand and lower the costs when the product is less in demand. You need to take this information to your advantage. Buy the underwater above ground pool lights when they are less in demand.

This is mainly during the cold season. During this period many people do not swim. Thus they aren’t searching for pools accessories. Also, you can buy during the holiday seasons when there are many sellers giving discount/coupon codes. This will help you stay in your budget while buying quality products.

What is the best type of above ground pool light can you buy?

There are three main types of pool lights available today: Halogen, LED and Fiber-optic. It can be confusing deciding on the best model to select. They all illuminate an above ground pool and provide multi-color lighting. It’s good that you get to know your options to make it easy for you in making an informed decision.Underwater Above Ground Pool Lights-min

1. Halogen

Halogen pool lights are powerful lights will along illumination range. However, these features come at the expense of high energy consumption. The pool lights also are limited to a handful of colors.

2. LED

LED above ground pool lights are one of the most popular pool lighting options available today due to minimizing energy consumption and long-life. They also have a variety of different colors to display. The prices are even lower compared to halogen pool lights.

3. Fiber Optic

In past days, fiber optic pool lights were the most popular options for underwater, above ground pool lighting. They are placed in a dry box above and around the pool, and the bulbs light up the whole string.

When replacing the lights, all you need is to replace one light bulb on the entire kit. The cost of buying the lights are relatively higher than LED lights, and life expectancy is also low.

How Do You Choose The Best Pool Light?

Now that you understand why and when to buy the above ground pool lights and different types available out there, it’s time to go through the key things to consider when purchasing.

1) Installation Difficulty

Honestly, many of the pool owners aren’t pro electricians, and many of them wouldn’t love or afford to hire one for the job. It is for that reason that you need to go for an easy to install, maintain and replace underwater above ground pool lights.

Some lights use electricity/magnetism; others use batteries while others use electricity. The installation of this three is entirely different. You need to make sure that the one you pick will be convenient for you during installation.

Underwater Above Ground Pool Light-min

2) Brightness Efficiency

Nighttime swim requires that you get the best overhead pool lights with the best brightness. However, these lights should be energy efficiency. So, go for a pool light that will keep your electricity bills down while giving your pool the maximum brightness.

Also, go for the lights with higher lumens as they have the most efficient bulbs. Furthermore, consider the interior of your pool. Darker pools will tend to diminish the effectiveness of the colored lights. Lastly, check the light’s angle of the light beams.

For those trying to light up a large pool, they need to pick a pool light with a broader beam angle (between 150-180 degrees). But for those looking for a pool light that will highlight a feature, they need to select a narrow beam angle.

3) Durability

It will break your heart when you buy a pool light and crush within a week. Yes, most of the underwater, above ground pools lights are made to last, but you need to consider the durability of the other components that come with this light. Some pool lights come with a transformer, remote controller, housing, and other interior electronic which might fail. Ensure that you check them all before you buy.

4) Special Features

Best above ground pool lights feature a multi-colored lighting effect. But some people would love to go with one color only. Some of these multicolored pool light has a remote controller to select which color you need thus giving you a chance to have what you love.

You will also come across others that come with only one color while others come with color plates. Select a pool light according to your preference and the need for the lights. IF you are holding a night pool party, you might need the multi-colored, but if it’s your home pool time, then you can go for the single color light.


Underwater, above ground pool, brings an essential contribution to your pool and the overall atmosphere. The above review and guide will ensure that you make an informed decision when searching for the best. I hope you have found a model that will give you the best pool illumination.

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