5 Best Above Ground Pools For Unlevel Ground of 2020

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An above ground pool is an excellent investment for your home, especially during the summer season. The swimming pool can bring hours of entertainment and fun to you, your family and friends and not forgetting adding a new look to your backyard.Best-Above-Ground-Pools-For-Unlevel-Ground

And to ensure you have the best time you need to get the best above ground pool for unlevel ground. These type of pools are easy to set up as they do not require any digging or landscaping.

The swimming industry has improved a lot and by so many swimming pool manufacturers have come up with a different model that makes it super hard to pick the best.

Above ground pools for unlevel ground need to be of high quality as they will be exposed to different kind of elements that can damage a regular type of above ground pool. That is why you need to refer your buying choices to the review I have prepared below. Each product in this list is of high quality.

Top 5 Best Above Ground Pools For Unlevel Ground for 2020

Brand & NameFilter pumpShapeShapePrice
Intex Unlevel Pool Above SetYesRoundIncludedCheck Price
Intex Rectangular PoolYesRectangleIncludedCheck Price
Bestway Unlevel Steel Frame PoolYesRoundIncludedCheck Price
Intex Unlevel Pool PackageYesRoundIncludedCheck Price
Above Ground Pool Fence Base KitsYesRoundIncludedCheck Price

1. Intex Pool Set – with Filter Pump, Ladder

Enjoy pool splash all summer with the Intex Easy Set. The swimming pool comes with a generous size of 15 feet diameter and 48 inches height to give you enough swimming space for you and your family to swim.Intex Pool Set - with Filter Pump, Ladder

It’s one of the easiest to assemble models in the market. Setting it up doesn’t require any digging, tools or sand, all you have to do is spread on a level or unlevel surface, inflate the top ring and fill it with water.

This Intex swimming pool comes as a set of one pool, ground cloth, a pool cover, a ladder, and a filter pump. When you set it up, and all the components are fixed, you will get the best swimming moment.

The hassle-free drain fitted on this unit allows for quick and straightforward water draining during cleaning and storage. The model also comes with a GFCI which shuts off the filter pump whenever the electrical current gets into contact with water thus keeping you safe.


  • Durable, laminated PVC sidewalls
  • Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter pump
  • New dual suction outlet fittings
  • Improved water circulation
  • Ground Fault Interrupter
  • Convenient drain plug


  • The ladder wobbles
  • Weak filter pump

2. Intex Rectangular Pool – Above Ground Backyard Swimming Pool

If you’re seeking the best above ground pool for unlevel ground, the Intex Rectangular swimming pool is an ideal choice for you. The pool measures 8.5 feet long by 5.3 feet wide and 2.13 feet deep.Intex Rectangular Pool - Above Ground Backyard Swimming Pool

With this unit, you will be able to enjoy the summer swimming perfectly. Setting up the unit is quite easy as there is no need for leveling the ground. All you need is clear the place of sharp items and mount your swimming pool.

This Intex Rectangular pool comes with rust-free frames and heavy-duty side wall. The two are made in a way that they provide the best durability. The pool also features a bright navy blue color which adds some elegant look to your back. Anybody above the age of six can safely use this Intex rectangular pool.

The square shape on this model makes it ideal for playing games like Marco Polo, Volleyball or sitting down and enjoying a cold swim.


  • Heavy-duty PVC and 3-ply polyester side walls
  • Great outdoor fun for those above six years
  • Rust-resistant frame
  • Flow control valve
  • Easy to setup


  • The installation manual isn’t that clear

3. Bestway Steel Frame Pool – Above Ground Round Pool Set with Filter

Are you looking forward to enjoying a good summer swimming but don’t know which pool to buy? If so, then I present to you the Bestway Power Round above ground pool set.Bestway Steel Frame Pool - Above Ground Round Pool Set with Filter

This swimming pool comes with as a set of a swimming pool with a steel frame, a filter pump, a ladder, pool cover, and a ground cloth. So you can imagine the unit you will have once you’re done setting it up in your backyard.

The model also does not need the ground to be leveled thus making it even easier to set it up. The Bestway Power Round above ground pool features other strong side walls which are made of three separate layered materials.

The interior polyester mesh layer is laminated to the two exterior heavy gauge PVC layers thus creating a better thickness. The powerful pump that comes with this swimming pool use 110-120 volt system to provide 1000 gal pump flow rate and 780 gals integrated pool system water flow rate.


  • Corrosion resistant metal frames
  • High-Quality Pool Filter Pump
  • Tri-tech material pool walls
  • A printed mosaic inner liner
  • Heavy Duty plastic steps
  • Easy to assemble


  • Step quality could be better
  • Takes time to have it fully assembled

4. Intex Pool Package – Affordable and Easier Setup

If you’re seeking for the best above ground pool for unlevel ground that comes with a powerful filter pump, debris cover, hand-held skimmer and vacuum, ground cloth and a heavy-duty ladder, then you ought to consider the Intex 18ft x 48in Easy set.Intex Pool Package - Affordable and Easier Setup

The pool comes loaded with great accessories that allow you to have all the fun in the sun. The generous size of 18 feet in diameter and the 48 inches height makes this model ideal for a family swim.

For easy setup of this swimming pool, the unit does not need any digging, or sand or even tools to set it up. All you need is spread it out on the ground, inflate its top ring and fill it with water. The unit also comes with a maintenance DVD that includes everything you need for a great outdoor swimming experience.

The swimming pool also comes with a built-in GFCI which instantly turns the pump off in case electrical currents comes into contact with water.


  • No sand, digging or tools needed for setting up
  • Accessible to both assemble and maintain
  • Powerful 1500 GPH filter pump
  • Hand-held skimmer and vacuum
  • Built-in GFCI


  • Very heavy
  • Hard to clean

5. GLI Pool – Above Ground Pool Fence Base Kit

Cornelius Pools Phoenix which measures 15 feet in diameter and 52 inches deep is one of the best above ground pool. It comes with with a steel frame and accompanies a complete kit and accessories.GLI Pool - Above Ground Pool Fence Base Kit

The swimming pool is designed to be fitted anywhere including on an unlevel ground while also beautifying your backyard.

Cornelius Pools Phoenix swimming pool features a galvanized steel construction which provides durability. Its marble wall design will add an appealing feature your back yard while also supporting the pool when installing on unlevel ground.

Although it comes in sections, joining the pieces together is an easy DIY process.


  • Rust-resistant anti-corrosive steel construction
  • Accompanies all the accessories and installation kits
  • Double layered steel walls
  • Straightforward installation
  • 10-year warranty
  • Stylish design


  • Liner and skimmer are sold separately

Best Above Ground Pool For Unlevel Ground Buyer’s Guide

Now that you have gone through the best above ground pool for unlevel ground available, it’s time to go through the factors to consider while picking your right model.


The size of your above ground pool for unlevel ground will be affected by the number of people you intend to host in it. If you’re planning on having a family of two to three people, then a small sized swimming pool will be great. But if you will be accommodating more than five people, then you will need a bigger pool, something like 8 feet long and 5 feet wide.


Shapes come in as a personal preference. What do you feel will be great for your back yard; circular pool, rectangular pool, or an oval pool? Additionally, the purpose of your swimming pool will also play a part. If you need a swimming pool for enjoyment, any shape will suit you, but if you need for exercising, then a rectangular shape is a better option.


Above ground pools for unlevel ground require high-quality material that will be able to handle different pressure and forces. Most of these pools are made of soft vinyl, aluminum, stainless steel, resin, and PVC. If you need a swimming pool that will last you years, then you need to ensure you get a model that is made from such materials.

What is the best way to fill my above ground pool?

You can decide to either use your home water source like the garden hose or have a tanker truck deliver the necessary gallons of water and quickly fill your swimming pool.

How deep are regular above ground pools for unlevel ground?

Because of the pressure submitted on the swimming pool walls, most manufacturers design their swimming pools with a maximum height of 54 inches and a maximum water depth of 52 inches. You will find that most adult above ground swimming pool depth ranges from 48 inches to 54 inches depending on the type and brand.

Globo Pool Overview:

Because you have decided to make a big choice of buying the best above ground pool for unlevel ground, you have to ensure you’re making the best purchase that will fit you and your family. Remember, a smart buyer should always have a budget, go with a plan and leave with the right model.

Hopefully, I’ve given you some good advice and best recommendations to help you in your search for the perfect above ground pool model.

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