Aquabot X4 Review – Pros, Cons & Final Verdict

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Aquabot X4 ReviewEditor Rating: 4.0/5

Build Quality

Review Summary of Aquabot X4

Aquabot x4 is an automatic pool cleaner that comes with a swivel and anti-tangle design. Pools tend to attract a lot of dirt if there are trees nearby. Leaves from trees and other types of dirt can make it hard to clean the pool. Application of the aquabot x4 makes the work easy.

It is designed to allow users to enjoy the best experience as they clean the pool. The robotic pool cleaner comes with a top-loading cartridge to allow for an easy cleaning process. You will clean the pool using fewer chemicals after you get the pool cleaner. The use of 4WD traction makes it very reliable when cleaning different surfaces.

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  • In-ground robotic pool cleaner


  • Swivel wheels


  • For all shapes of pools


  • Circulates 85 GPM


  • Uses few pool chemicals


  • 4WD traction


  • Micro brushes

Aquabot X4 – A Quick Look


  • Anti-tangle swivel design
  • The oversized top loading cartridge
  • Industry-leading pumps
  • Pool mapping technology
  • 4WD traction


  • Only up to 60 feet pool

Aquabot X4 pool cleanerFeatures and benefits of Aquabot X4

Anti-tangle swivel design

The pool cleaner comes in anti-tangle free design. It allows for easy movement of the robotic cleaner on the surface. If you would like to realize the best experience when cleaning different surfaces on the pool, then the cleaner assures you of the best operation. It moves in a pool with lots of debris with ease. The pool cleaner can remove different types of dirt from the pool. You can apply it to a pool with a lot of debris, but the results will make you proud.

The oversized top loading cartridge

The top-loading cartridge makes it easy to clear debris from the pool. It is easy to use a robotic pool that has been designed to make things easy for everyday use. It applies industry-leading pumps to allow for efficient pool cleaning.

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Pool mapping technology

It does not matter the type of pool you are about to clean. The pool cleaner can clean around the pool, rectangular among other types of pools. There is no need to worry about how you can keep your swimming pool clean. It is an active pool cleaner that will guarantee you the best operation.

4WD traction

It can move even on steep slopes due to the four-wheel traction. The pool is built to meet the highest standards. You have to get it, and it will assure you of the best pol cleaning experience. It works well also to enjoy the best operation.

What the users say

Many users of aquabot x4 offer great reviews. It is a sturdy robotic cleaner that can tackle different types of dirt. The fact that it can easily move on steep slopes due to its high traction makes it preferable. Aquabot x4 is a robotic cleaner that can work on pools of different shapes. The use of advanced filtration makes the cleaning process highly effective. It is easy to use a robotic pool cleaner. Many users who apply it have recorded a significant improvement in their chemical savings. It works well to save on pool cleaning supplies.

Best Aquabot X4 pool cleaner ReviewFrequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is it necessary to have a 4WD traction on a pool cleaner?

A: Yes, the robotic cleaner should be powered by strong traction to move even on steep slopes. Take time to check on the traction before you can buy the unit. Sometimes the floors can be slippery; the use of high traction makes it easy to achieve the best cleaning results.

Q: Is aquabot x4 effective?

A: Yes, the robotic vacuum cleaner can remove different types of debris from the water. For example, it can remove algae, among other types of dirt.

Q: Can I save money after buying aquabot x4?

A: Yes, you will save on the cost of chemicals. The robotic cleaner is highly durable, making it easy to achieve the best cleaning results. It will serve for long and assure you value for money.

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Final verdict

The robotic cleaner is built for easy transportation. Users can quickly move it around to clean pools. The extreme grip on surfaces makes the process of cleaning different surfaces easy. Many users who have tried it offer great reviews. It is a practical cleaner that assures users of the best cleaning experience. Aquabot x4 is an automatic pool cleaner you should try.

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