6 Best Above Ground Solar Pool Heaters [Reviews] for 2020

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Above Ground Solar Pool Heater ReviewsMost pool owners are faced with a hard decision of whether to invest in a gas/electric heater or a solar heater. The gas/electric heaters are quite expensive to buy and even to run. Also though they are quick at heating swimming pool water, the alternative-solar pool heater can be quite beneficial to many.

In general, they are quite cheap to purchase and also to run. They require low to no maintenances and quite easy to use. Different solar pool heater manufacturers today are fighting for a spot in the market, thereby producing lots of models now and then. The production has created a market overflowing with high and low-quality models.

The market state creates a problem when it comes to selecting an ideal above ground solar pool heater to buy. Fortunately, I have gathered together several above ground solar pool heater reviews intending to facilitate your search. Let’s jump right in!

Top 6 Best Above Ground Solar Pool Heater Reviews 2020

Here is a list of the above-ground solar pool heater reviews on top best models you can buy. I released, if I gave you a list of the best models to invest in, it would be much easier for you to select the ideal one for your needs.

1. SmartPool Universal S240U Sun Heater

SmartPool S240U Universal Sun HeaterMy first review goes to SmartPoll Universal Sun Heater. It’s a uniquely-designed and robust model that comes two solar panels adding up to 80 square feet in area. The model features high-quality polypropylene heat collection panels.

It also features two threaded-elbow adapters, which offer easy installation and improves circulation. What’s more, using the SmartPool Universal Sun Heater is quite easy. All you have to do is do the easy-DIY installation and setup, and you will be good to go.

With the unit being compatible with your existing pool pump, it will require very minimal maintenance. It’s also vital to note that the installation and operation manual is trilingual; English, Spanish n’ French.


  • Convenient installation accessories included
  • Trilingual installation n’ operation manual
  • The durable polypropylene heat collector
  • Straightforward DIY installation
  • Dual threaded-elbow adapters
  • Direct Flow System


  • None

2. SunHeater Universal S120U Solar Pool Heater

SunHeater S120U Universal Solar Pool HeaterMy next review is on another high-performing SunHeater Universal Solar Pool Heater. It’s quite similar to the first model by different in size; this model is ideal for smaller swimming pools.

It does also come with a patented web design that allows maximum exposure to the sun rays leading to optimal heat capturing. Apart from using the existing pool pump, this model is also quite easy to use. On top of that, it requires very little maintenance.

The best part is, its simple DIY installation saves you time, energy, and money you could have used to hire a pro. Since it is ideal for both in-ground and above-ground pool, the SunHeater Universal install on the rooftop, ground, fence, and even rack.


  • Ideal for in-ground or above-ground pools
  • Roof, ground, rack or fence Installation
  • 6-10 degrees temperature raise
  • Uses existing pool pump
  • Patented web design
  • Simple DIY Setup


  • Takes time to heat the water

3. Fafco Solar Bear Solar Heating System

Fafco Solar Bear Economy Heating System – for Above Ground PoolsFafco Solar Bear is an economy heating system designed specifically for an above-ground pool. Why is it on my list? The model is a robust and durable piece of solar pool heating system you can depend on to warm your swimming pool.

It comes with a wide 4-feet by 20-feet sun heat collector. The wide-collector design allows it to do a great job at capturing and transferring the heat to the flowing water.

On top of that, it does come with accessories lien barb connections, mounting caps, straps, and bases, valve handle, and also rubber tube plugs. All these play a part in its simple DIY installation. It can be mounted on the ground or your rooftop or even on a rack.


  • Ground, rack, or roof Mounting
  • Works with an existing pool pump
  • Setup accessories included
  • Wide Solar Collector


  • Additional flexible hose and ground spikes required

4. GAME 4513 SolarPro XD2 Solar Pool Heater

GAME 4513 SolarPro XD2 Solar Heater for Above Ground PoolsThe next review is about SolarPro XD2 from GAME, a powerful model ideal for extending your pool season and help you save energy. It uses GREEN-Free energy from the sun to raise your pool water temperature.

It’s designed to work with above ground pools of up to 16000 gallons. SolarPro XD2, on average, can increase your pool water temperatures by 10 degrees in around 3-8 days, depending on the size and location of your pool.

It’s a space-saving and an aesthetically pleasing unit that will help you extend your swimming season. It does, however, require a pump to circulate the water and a bypass kit for pool pumps above 1HP.


  • Aesthetically pleasing and space-saving
  • Hard protective see-through cover
  • No additional adaptors required
  • 10 degrees increase in 3-8 days
  • Quite easy to install


  • Bypass Kit is required for 1HP pump or higher

5. Doheny’s Solar Heating Systems

Dohenys Above Ground Solar Heating SystemsAbove-ground solar pool heater reviews wouldn’t be complete without the highly durable Doheny’s Solar Heating System. It’s a robust model that will heat your swimming pool from 10-15 degrees using solar energy.

It’s specifically designed for above ground pools and conveniently heats swimming pools of all shapes. As an energy money-saving unit, the Doheny’s Solar heating system comes with a wide 2.5feet by 20feet heat collector and all the hardware required.

Apart from the equipment making it easy to install, the collector wideness allows it to have optimal heat capture. All the provided fittings accept flexible pole hose and can also be adapted to rigid PVC pipes.


  • Lightweight, polypropylene solar collector
  • Flexible, convenient installation
  • Energy and Money Saving
  • Safe and effective proven
  • A 5-year warranty


  • Mounting kit not provided

6. XtremepowerUS Pool Solar Heating System

XtremepowerUS Inground Above Ground Pool Solar Panel Heating SystemThe last review goes to the robust, flexible, and high-quality XtremepowerUS Swimming pool Solar Panel. It comes as a solar heating system fitted with a 2-feet wide and 10-feet long solar panel.

It’s ideal for heating above and in-ground swimming pools as well as spas. It requires the water to flow through its tubes by using your existing pool pump. When the water is passing through, the heat captured by XtremepowerUS solar panels is transferred to the cold water.

With time your entire swimming pools get warmed with no extra running cost added. It’s quite easy to install this model, and it can be installed on the cabana, shed, or house rooftop or even be mounted on the ground or a rack.


  • 10-15 degrees temperature raise
  • Works with existing pool pumps
  • Extremely high-grade panels
  • Easy and cost-effective
  • Quick-connect design
  • Easy DIY assembly


  • Installation can be tricky
  • Installation kit not provided

Best Above Ground Solar Pool Heater (Buying Guide)

Yes, my above ground solar heater reviews will help you know the top models available for purchase, but won’t give the ideal unit for your swimming pool. So, what do you do? For you to find the perfect model for your above-ground swimming pool, you will need to consider the following aspects.

(1) Amount of Sunshine you get in a day

Before you can decide the best way to heat your pool is by using a solar heater, you got to know how much sunshine your area receives in a day or over the year. If the sunlight is unreliable, then you might not want to invest in a solar pool heater. However, if the sun shines well in some days of the week, then get a solar heater with reliable and fast heating.

(2) Build Quality

You also need to consider the materials used in the construction of the solar pool heater you’re about to buy. The model needs to be made from high-quality, UV-resistant, and long-lasting elements. Although a high-quality model might be a bit expensive compared to the cheaper counterparts, it will surely last longer.

(3) Pool Size

You also need to consider the size of your pool and estimate of the solar pool heater will be enough to give you the temperature rise you need. A small pool heater is ideal for heating small and medium-sized swimming pools. That means the substantial swimming pools will require a large solar pool heater.

(4) Simple installation

One thing you should never forget to check is the installation of the unit. The solar pool heater should have a DIY installation unless you do not want to get involved in the setup yourself. In such a case, you can decide to hire a professional to do the job for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will my solar pool heater be cheap to run?

Yes, you will still need electricity to run the pool pump, which runs water through the heater and back to your pool. However, that eliminates the need for power to run the unit, which reduces the extra energy/fuel bills introduced by the other heating systems. In the long run, a solar pool heater is cheaper to run.

Do I need to store my solar panel during winter?

If you suspect the temperatures will be at freezing point and no enough sunlight during this time, it will be best if you dried it and store it. That will prevent the panes and tubing from being damaged by the freezing ice.


At last, the buying decision is a personal preference. Even though you might be attempted to go with the cheapest solar pool heater here, you do need to keep in mind that you need matters a lot. Not all the models in my above-ground solar pool heater reviews can meet all your needs. So, better lay down your needs and use them at the end to identify the ideal solar pool heater to order. Good Luck!

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